Custom Data Project

Your Website: Your current website that has something to do with this project, so we get an idea of where you are using the data. Leave blank if your plan doesn't involve any website.
Data Requirements: Describe in general what you want of the data and database.
Example Websites: List the URL of all the websites you have found to carry the data you need, one for each line.
Data Fields: List the data fields you want for each of the data records. For example, each book record may consist of title, authors, publisher, isbn, year and cover image.
title, authors, publisher, isbn, year, cover image
Build from the data: Specify if you need us to create an application or presentation to use the data in a certain way. For example, building a website to exhibit a database of business phone numbers with user registration and contribution features.
Client Information
  1. Your name or the name of your business / website.

  2. How are we supposed to reach you?

  3. Your website that is related to this project.

Data Description
  1. Describe your data or database needs, what it is that you want to acquire.

  2. Preferred format of delivery. Other formats available at no extra charge.

  3. One for each line, list the websites that have the data you need.

  4. List all the data fields you want, including images, delimited by comma.

  5. Your budget determines how much time we can devote to your project.

Data Application & Presentation

    Do you need us to build an application or presentation for the data?

  1. A website or a few web pages? A web application? A PHP script?

Are you human?
  1. Which is smaller, elephant or mouse?

    Please answer the question by common sense.

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