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3,348 Baby Names Database from 48 Origins

Genders, origins, meanings of 3,348 baby names categorized into 194 types


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id title gender origin_id meaning used_in additional_info
1AaliyahGirl3Lofty, sublime, exaltedArabic and English speaking countriesThis particular spelling of the name Aliyah is extremely popular in the U.S., probably due to its association with the late singer and actress Aaliyah.
2AaronBoy23MountainEnglish speaking countriesAnglicisation of the Hebrew Aharon. In the Bible, Aaron was the brother of Moses. It is the name of 'the Moor', the lover of Tamora, in Shakespeare's 'Titus Andronicus'. Other famous bearers include TV producer Aaron Spelling, pop singer Aaron Carter and
3AbagailGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesA modern respelling of Abigail.
4AbbeyBoth23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesA nickname for Abigail, and also a surname from Middle English originally used for someone who worked at an abbey. Abbey is also the name of a British bank.
5AbbieGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesNickname for Abigail.
6AbbigailGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesRespelling of Abigail.
7AbbyGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesNickname for Abigail.
8AbdulBoy3The servant; the servant ofArabic and English speaking countries
9AbdullahBoy3Servant of AllahArabic and English speaking countriesAbdullah is a common Arabic name derived from "abd-," the Arabic word for "servant," and the name of Allah. It has several variant transliterations into English, each of which is perfectly acceptable, though some are more common than others. As with man
10AbelBoy23BreathEnglish and Spanish speaking countriesAccording to the Bible, Abel has the distinction of being the first murder victim in history, having been slain by his brother, Cain. He was also considered to be the first shepherd or keeper of animals. The Bible indicates that he was the first person to
11AbigailGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish and Hebrew speaking countriesAbigail was an Old Testament character who saved her negligent husband from the wrath of King David. After her husband's death, she later married David. David's sister was also named Abigail. <br /> <br /> Abigail was quite commonly used in English-sp
12AbigaleGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesA respelling of Abigail.
13AbigayleGirl23Father in rejoicingEnglish speaking countriesA respelling of Abigail.
14AbrahamBoy23Father of a multitude or many nationsEnglish speaking countriesIn the Bible, Abraham was originally named Abram, but was bestowed the name of Abraham by God for he wanted him to be the "father of many nations". Abraham was married to Sarah and had eight sons. He is said to be the father of the Jewish nations through
15AbramBoy23Father of a multitude or many nationsEnglish and Yiddish speaking countriesAbram was the original name of Abraham in the Bible. God renamed him thusly: "No longer shall your name be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham, for I have made you the father of many nations". Abram means "exalted father", where Abraham means "father
16AbrilGirl27OpenEnglish speaking countriesSpanish vocabulary word for "April", used as a name by some.
17AcaciaGirl21Point; spine; thornEnglish speaking countriesAcacia is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs. The name is derived from the Greek word "ake," "point," referring to the sharp spines that grow on some species of acacia.<br /> <br /> In the Victorian language of flowers, acacia signified friendship,
18AceBoy27One; one unitEnglish speaking countries"Ace" comes from the Latin "as," which was the name for a small-denomination Roman coin. In English vernacular, an "ace" is a very skilled person; it is also synonymous with "cool," in UK usage. "Ace" can also be: a suit of playing cards; a fighter pilot
19AdaGirl20Noble kind; of the noble sortAfrican, English, Hebrew and Polish speaking countriesAda (AH dah) is a Hebrew biblical name meaning "adornment". An English form of the name is Adah. Ada was the wife of Lamech and the mother of Jabal and Jubal. Another Ada was a wife of Esau and the daughter of Elon the Hittite. It can also be a short form
20AdalynGirl20N/AEnglish speaking countriesAlthough some link this name to "Adaline" or "Adelaide", the true origin of this modern name is more likely what is found in "Marilyn" and "Arilyn/Aralyn", or "Madison" and "Adison" where a popular name is modified by dropping the first letter to give the
21AdamBoy23Man; earth; to be redEnglish, Hebrew and Polish speaking countriesIn Hebrew this is a generic word for 'man' not used as a name, but it is also associated with 'adama' (earth), from which God was supposed to have made the first humans. According to the Bible Adam and Eve were the first humans, and lived in the Garden of
22AdanBoy23Man; earthEnglish and Spanish speaking countriesA Spanish form of Adam, Adan is sometimes used in the US as a variant spelling of Aidan or Aodhán. It should be noted, however, that Adan is not pronounced in the same way as Aidan or Aodhán.
23AddisonBoth15Son of AdamEnglish speaking countriesAddison, which means 'son of Adam', is one of the surnames which has been enthusiastically taken up in the current trend to find 'unique' names for baby girls. It has been climbing the American charts since 1994 and in 2006 was the 27th most popular name
24AddysonGirl15Son of AdamEnglish speaking countriesAddisyn is a respelling of the surname Addison, which means 'son of Adam'. The creation has been influenced by the modern trend of replacing vowels with the letter Y, believed by some to "make a name (more) feminine". This is also touted as "making a name
25AdelaideGirl20Noble kind; of the noble sortEnglish speaking countriesThis name was imported to England by Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the wife of William IV of Great Britain. She gave her name to the South Australian city of Adelaide. In contemporary literature of the time, Adelaide was frequently used as a name for upper
26AdeleGirl20NobleEnglish and French speaking countriesIn French spelt with a grave accent: 'Adèle'. <br /> <br /> Adele was the name of Jane's flighty but charming charge in Charlotte Brontë's novel "Jane Eyre."<br /> <br /> 'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I' by Gustav Klimt is one of the most expensive
27AdelineGirl20NobleEnglish and French speaking countriesA Norman name that came back into fashion in the nineteenth century. Adeline's popularity continued well into the early twentieth century, perhaps partly due to the song "Sweet Adeline." It fell out of favor in English-speaking countries in the mid-twen
28AdenBoy18Little fireEnglish speaking countriesModern respelling of Aidan.
29AdileneGirl19Noble oneEnglish speaking countries
30AdinBoth23Slender; voluptuousAfrican, English, Hebrew and Swahili speaking countriesAdin is a masculine Hebrew name meaning either "slender" or "voluptuous." <br /> In the Old Testament Adin (also found as Adina - which is now the feminine form) was a son of Shiza and one of King David’s warriors (I Chronicles 11:42).<br /> Adin is al
31AdityaBoy39Belonging to Aditi; sunEnglish and Hindi speaking countriesIn Hindu mythology Aditya was the name of 33 of Aditi's children. See Aditi for more information.
32AdolfoBoy15Noble wolfEnglish, Italian and Spanish speaking countriesAdolfo is a Spanish and Italian variant of the Germanic name Adolf.
33AdonisBoy34LordEnglish, Greek and Spanish speaking countriesAdonis was the name of the Phoenician god of spring. In Greek mythology Adonis was the name of a boy loved by Aphrodite. The name is derived from the Phoenician 'adon' (lord).
34AdriaGirl27From HadriaEnglish speaking countries
35AdrianBoy27From HadriaEnglish and German speaking countriesAdrian was the name of several early Christian saints and martyrs. It is derived from the Latin name "Hadrianus," which is more familiar to English speakers as "Hadrian." There have been six Popes named Adrian, including Adrian IV, the only Englishman to
36AdrianaGirl27From HadriaEnglish and Spanish speaking countriesAdriana is a main character of Shakespeare's play "The Comedy of Errors".<br /> <br /> Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model, and Adriana Barraza is a Mexican actress.
37AdrianeGirl27From HadriaEnglish speaking countries
38AdriannaGirl27From HadriaEnglish speaking countriesAdrianna is a variant of Adriana, the Spanish and Italian form of Adrian. <br /> <br /> Adrianna Costa is an American television presenter.
39AdrianneGirl27From HadriaEnglish speaking countries
40AdrianoBoy27From HadriaEnglish and Italian speaking countries
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id title count slug
1Afghan Names6afghan-names
2African American Names326african-american-names
3African Names54african-names
4Akan Names1akan-names
5Albanian Names2albanian-names
6Algerian Names9algerian-names
7American Names1190american-names
8Ancient Egyptian Names3ancient-egyptian-names
9Animal Names8animal-names
10Arabic Names84arabic-names
11Aramaic Names8aramaic-names
12Argentine Names80argentine-names
13Armenian Names21armenian-names
14Asian Names31asian-names
15Australian Names208australian-names
16Austrian Names25austrian-names
17Aztec Names2aztec-names
18Basque Names6basque-names
19Belgian Names22belgian-names
20Bible Names67bible-names
21Biblical Names189biblical-names
22Bolivian Names57bolivian-names
23Botswanan Names1botswanan-names
24Brazilian Names12brazilian-names
25Breton Names1breton-names
26British Names331british-names
27Bulgarian Names22bulgarian-names
28Calendar Names10calendar-names
29Canadian Names526canadian-names
30Catalan Names7catalan-names
31Celebrity Baby Names13celebrity-baby-names
32Celebrity Names66celebrity-names
33Celestial Names15celestial-names
34Celtic Names152celtic-names
35Chilean Names69chilean-names
36Christian Names136christian-names
37Classic Names1classic-names
38Color Names34color-names
39Comedian Names15comedian-names
40Compound Names3compound-names
41Contemporary Names3contemporary-names
42Cool Names51cool-names
43Cornish Names6cornish-names
44Costa Rican Names62costa-rican-names
45Cowboy Names25cowboy-names
46Cowgirl Names4cowgirl-names
47Croatian Names11croatian-names
48Cuban Names65cuban-names
49Cute Names47cute-names
50Czech Names30czech-names
51Danish Names24danish-names
52Disney Names16disney-names
53Dutch Names64dutch-names
54Earthy Names79earthy-names
55Easter Names7easter-names
56Ecuadorian Names54ecuadorian-names
57Egyptian Names4egyptian-names
58English Names1260english-names
59Estonian Names6estonian-names
60Ethiopian Names6ethiopian-names
61Farsi Names10farsi-names
62Finnish Names22finnish-names
63Floral Names23floral-names
64Flower Names21flower-names
65French Names175french-names
66Frisian Names2frisian-names
67Fun Names13fun-names
68Gaelic Names45gaelic-names
69German Names143german-names
70Germanic Names103germanic-names
71Ghanaian Names1ghanaian-names
72God and Goddess Names3god-and-goddess-names
73Goddess Names3goddess-names
74Gothic Names11gothic-names
75Greek Mythological Names37greek-mythological-names
76Greek Names93greek-names
77Green Names81green-names
78Harry Potter Names72harry-potter-names
79Hawaiian Names15hawaiian-names
80Heavenly Names13heavenly-names
81Hebrew Names157hebrew-names
82Heroic Names2heroic-names
83Hindi Names57hindi-names
84Hindu Names57hindu-names
85Holiday Names1holiday-names
86Hungarian Names22hungarian-names
87Icelandic Names3icelandic-names
88Indian Names92indian-names
89Indonesian Names4indonesian-names
90Iranian Names9iranian-names
91Iraqi Names11iraqi-names
92Irish Names159irish-names
93Island Names3island-names
94Israeli Names3israeli-names
95Italian Names131italian-names
96Jamaican Names2jamaican-names
97Japanese Names21japanese-names
98Jewel Names15jewel-names
99Jewish Names138jewish-names
100Kenyan Names24kenyan-names
101Korean Names1korean-names
102Latin Names52latin-names
103Latvian Names4latvian-names
104Lebanese Names9lebanese-names
105Literary Characters Names121literary-characters-names
106Lithuanian Names4lithuanian-names
107Love Names14love-names
108Malaysian Names7malaysian-names
109Maori Names2maori-names
110Mexican Names108mexican-names
111Middle Names38middle-names
112Moroccan Names5moroccan-names
113Movie Star Names2movie-star-names
114Musical Names5musical-names
115Muslim Names51muslim-names
116Mythological Names62mythological-names
117Native American Names6native-american-names
118Nature Names143nature-names
119Navarre Names6navarre-names
120New Zealand Names86new-zealand-names
121Nicknames or Pet Names397nicknames-or-pet-names
122Nigerian Names5nigerian-names
123Nordic Names6nordic-names
124Norman Names32norman-names
125Norwegian Names18norwegian-names
126Occupational Names26occupational-names
127Old English Names66old-english-names
128Pacific Islander Names5pacific-islander-names
129Pakistani Names4pakistani-names
130Panamanian Names27panamanian-names
131Persian Names14persian-names
132Peruvian Names48peruvian-names
133Pirate Names13pirate-names
134Places Names167places-names
135Polish Names71polish-names
136Polynesian Names6polynesian-names
137Popular Names42popular-names
138Portuguese Names69portuguese-names
139Preppy Names1preppy-names
140President Names58president-names
141Puerto Rican Names21puerto-rican-names
142Punjabi Names10punjabi-names
143Rare Names1rare-names
144Roman Names64roman-names
145Romanian Names19romanian-names
146Royal Names10royal-names
147Russian Names85russian-names
148Saints Names134saints-names
149Salvadoran Names45salvadoran-names
150Sanskrit Names62sanskrit-names
151Saudi Names3saudi-names
152Saxon Names2saxon-names
153Scandinavian Names69scandinavian-names
154Scottish Names121scottish-names
155Serbian Names13serbian-names
156Shakespeare Names44shakespeare-names
157Sikh Names10sikh-names
158Slavic Names8slavic-names
159Slovak Names16slovak-names
160Slovenian Names16slovenian-names
161Soap Opera Names1soap-opera-names
162Somali Names2somali-names
163Sotho Names1sotho-names
164South African Names6south-african-names
165Southern Names24southern-names
166Spanish Names228spanish-names
167Sports Names12sports-names
168Spring Names9spring-names
169Superhero Names1superhero-names
170Surnames Names478surnames-names
171Swahili Names35swahili-names
172Swedish Names31swedish-names
173Swiss Names2swiss-names
174Tanzanian Names25tanzanian-names
175Teutonic Names2teutonic-names
176Tibetan Names1tibetan-names
177Tolkien Names4tolkien-names
178Tree Names7tree-names
179Trendy Names2trendy-names
180Turkish Names5turkish-names
181Twilight Names62twilight-names
182Ukrainian Names6ukrainian-names
183Uncommon Names7uncommon-names
184Unique Names51unique-names
185Unisex Names77unisex-names
186Unusual Names11unusual-names
187Victorian Names1victorian-names
188Vietnamese Names5vietnamese-names
189Virtue Names22virtue-names
190War Names1war-names
191Welsh Names55welsh-names
192Xhosa Names1xhosa-names
193Yiddish Names3yiddish-names
194Yoruba Names1yoruba-names
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id category_id name_id

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