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11NOTES FOR MATH 300 [CUSTOM]2818440024979N/A
31The CrucibleArthur Miller97808222025540822202557Dramatists Play Service, Inc.Paperback$8.00Based on historical people and real events, Arthur Miller's play uses the destructive power of socially sanctioned violence unleashed by the rumors of... witchcraft as a powerful parable about McCarthyism. Introduction by Christopher Bigsby
41An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (HPC Philosophical...David Hume97809151454540915145456Hackett PublishingPaperback$7.95Shortly before his death, David Hume declared his Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals (1751) to be the best of his many writings. In this highly... influential work, Hume sets out his theory of justice and benevolence and the other virtues, and argues that morality is founded on the natural feelings or sentiments of humankind. The text printed in this edition is that of the Clarendon critical edition of Hume's works. This edition also includes detailed explanatory notes on the text, a glossary of terms, a full list of references, and a section of supplementary readings.
51Le Malade Imaginaire (Petits Classiques) (French Edition)Moliere97820358342012035834201Larousse EditionsMass Market Paperback$9.95
62Biology: Concepts and InvestigationsMariëlle Hoefnagels97800734034720073403474McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/MathHardcoverN/AMariëlle Hoefnagels passion as a classroom instructor is evident in this new edition with her Learn How To Learn Roadmap-teaching students to think... like a scientist! Mariëlle Hoefnagels is an award winning teacher and professor of biology at the University of Oklahoma. Her concepts-oriented introductory biology text places greater emphasis on the processes of scientific investigation and evolution than any other comparable textbook. Her teaching experience is evident in the book through its use of student-centered art, applications and innovative pedagogy using a “What’s the Point?” focus on relevance and importance. LEARN HOW TO LEARN/SCIENCE AS A PROCESS-Application and Relevancy! Figure It Out-focusing on quantitative skills Pull It Together-Concept Maps Write It Out-asks students to recall and integrate key chapter material. Mastering Concepts questions have been added to each Investigating Life Section in the text. “What’s The Point”- audio clips for each chapter opener. Attention Grabbing Essay, Chapter Outline and Learn How To Learn Study Tips Apply It Now-Application based readings Burning Questions-questions from Mariëlle’s own class! MORE CONSISTENT EVOLUTION COVERAGE-Investigating Life: each chapter’s capstone concept focuses on a scientific study that shed light on an evolutionary topic. In each case, the emphasis is on how scientists developed and tested a specific hypothesis. MODERN APPROACH TO GENETICS- The genetics unit has been rearranged to combine the material on gene function with DNA structure. CONNECT PLUS AND LEARNSMART- Hoefnagels 2e has market leading text assets and it has now entered into the realm of text specific digital tools with Connect Plus and LearnSmart. Users who purchase Connect Plus receive access to the full online ebook version of the textbook. About the Author: Mariëlle Hoefnagels is assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, where she teaches nonmajors courses in biology and microbiology, and a course on fungi for advanced botany and microbiology majors. She earned her B.S. in environmental science from the University of California at Riverside, her M.S. in soil science from North Carolina State University, and her Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Oregon State University.
83Biology, 8th EditionNeil A. Campbell97808053684440805368442Pearson Benjamin CummingsHardcover$208.80 Key Message: The best-selling biology textbook in the world just got better!  Neil Campbell and Jane Reece’s BIOLOGY is the unsurpassed leader in... introductory biology. The book's hallmark values—accuracy, currency, and passion for teaching and learning—have made Campbell/Reece the most successful book for readers for seven consecutive editions. More than 6 million readers have benefited from BIOLOGY’s clear explanations, carefully crafted artwork, and student-friendly narrative style. Key Topics: Introduction: Themes in the Study of Life, The Chemical Context of Life, Water and the Fitness of the Environment, Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life, The Structure and Function of Large Biological Molecules, A Tour of the Cell, Membrane Structure and Function, An Introduction to Metabolism, Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy, Photosynthesis, Cell Communication, The Cell Cycle, Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles, Mendel and the Gene Idea, The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance, The Molecular Basis of Inheritance, From Gene to Protein, Control of Gene Expression, Viruses, Biotechnology, Genomes and Their Evolution, Descent with Modification: A Darwinian View of Life, The Evolution of Populations, The Origin of Species, The History of Life on Earth, Phylogeny and the Tree of Life, Bacteria and Archaea, Protists, Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land, Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants, Fungi, An Introduction to Animal Diversity, Invertebrates, Vertebrates,  Plant Structure, Growth, and Development, Transport in Vascular Plants, Soil and Plant Nutrition, Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology, Plant Responses to Internal and External Signals, Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function, Animal Nutrition, Circulation and Gas Exchange, The Immune System, Osmoregulation and Excretion, Hormones and the Endocrine System, Animal Reproduction, Animal Development, Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling, Nervous Systems, Sensory and Motor Mechanisms, Animal Behavior, An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere, Population Ecology, Community Ecology, Ecosystems, Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology. Market Description: For readers interested in learning the basics of Biology.
93Response Card RF LCD by Turning TechnologiesTurning Technologies97819349314001934931403Turning TechnologiesAccessoryN/A
104Human Biology Masteringbiology Standalone Access CardPearson Jeffrey9780321802569032180256XPearson College DivHardcoverN/A
114Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, Books a la Carte Plus...Michael D. Johnson97803218126430321812646Benjamin CummingsRing-bound$120.47 Books a la Carte are unbound, three-hole-punch versions of the textbook. This lower cost option is easy to transport and comes with same access code... or media that would be packaged with the bound book.   Award-winning teacher Michael D. Johnson catches your interest immediately by connecting basic biology concepts to real-world issues that are relevant to your life. Through a storytelling approach and extensive online support, Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, Sixth Edition not only demystifies how the human body works but helps you to become a better consumer of health and science information. Each chapter now opens with Johnson’s popular "Current Issue" essays, and inside each chapter are entries from the author’s own, frequently updated blog. Expanded online resources are now available and conveniently referenced in chapter sections with icons and URLs. The Sixth Edition also offers you stronger self-assessment tools, with new and expanded critical-thinking questions throughout each chapter and in the end-of-chapter reviews. This new edition comes with MasteringBiology®.  This package consists of: Books a la Carte for Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues Access Code Card for MasteringBiology
146Human Heredity: Principles and Issues (Available Titles Coursemate)Michael Cummings9780538498821053849882XBrooks ColePaperback$234.95HUMAN HEREDITY presents the concepts underlying human genetics in clear, concise language and provides relevant examples that you can apply to yourself,... your family, and your work environment. Author Michael Cummings explains the origin, nature, and amount of genetic diversity present in the human population and how that diversity has been shaped by natural selection. The artwork and accompanying media visually support the material by teaching rather than merely illustrating the ideas under discussion. Examining the social, cultural, and ethical implications associated with the use of genetic technology, Cummings prepares you to become a well-informed consumer of genetic-based health care services or provider of health care services.
157Principles of DevelopmentLewis Wolpert97801995542870199554285Oxford University Press, USAHardcover$134.95The process of biological development is an amazing feat of tightly regulated cellular behaviors--differentiation, movement, and growth--powerful enough... to result in the emergence of a highly complex living organism from a single cell, the fertilized egg. Now in a new edition, Principles of Development clearly illustrates the universal principles that govern this process of development.Developmental biology has grown enormously as a discipline in recent years. Designed for undergraduates, this text focuses on key principles and concepts rather than attempting to offer an encyclopedic treatment of the field. It equips students with a conceptual framework that will be invaluable to them throughout their educational careers.Written by two highly respected and influential developmental biologists, Lewis Wolpert and Cheryll Tickle, Principles of Development, Fourth Edition, combines a careful exposition of the subject with insights from several of the world's pioneering researchers. It guides students from the fundamentals to the latest discoveries in the field.DISTINCTIVE FEATURESFocuses on the underlying principles, thereby addressing one of the biggest challenges facing instructors and students of developmental biology; covering and learning in one semester the vast amount of information encapsulated by the field.Offers the right balance of breadth and depth:Addresses all key topics in the field in a uniformly authoritative way, but at a depth that makes it possible to deliver a coherent, well-balanced course in one semester. Rather that attempting to offer exhaustive coverage, it sets out to ensure that, at the end of the course, students have a well-rounded, sound understanding on which to base further studies.Integrates vivid illustrations that have been carefully designed and chosen to illuminate both experiments and mechanisms, clarifying basic principles in a visual manner.Provides focused examples, concentrated on vertebrates and Drosophila, but not to the exclusion of other organisms, such as the nematode and the sea urchin, where they best illustrate a concept.Covers plant development--which is frequently neglected in general textbooks on developmental biology--addressing striking recent advances in the understanding of the subject.Includes carefully selected suggestions for further reading and an extensive glossary of key terms NEW TO THIS EDITION* Expanded content, including more examples from human development and medicine, which better reflect both course content and students' interests* A fully revised and updated chapter on evolutionary developmental biology* Expanded coverage of experimental evidence and tools* Additional high-quality photographs and illustrations, which reinforce the key principles presented in the text and provide an alternative route for learning* New end-of-chapter questions--in both essay and multiple-choice formats--to help students assimilate the material presented in the chapters* SUPPLEMENT: An enhanced Companion Website that offers students a hyperlinked bibliography, a flashcard glossary, multiple-choice questions, and a "Journal Club" with suggested research papers and discussion questions linked to topics featured in the book. Downloadable figures from the text are available to instructors.
168Ecology and Field BiologyRobert L. Smith97803210429030321042905Benjamin CummingsPaperback$176.40This book presents a comprehensive overview of all aspects of ecology, including evolution, ecosystems theory, practical applications, plants, animals,... biogeochemical cycles, and global change. A new chapter discusses global environmental change, human impacts on the global carbon cycle, and the possible implications for the global climate system. Six "Ecological Application Essays" demonstrate to students the real world relevance of ecological concepts. For example, Part V, Population Interactions, discusses how a lack of mushrooms helped power the Industrial Revolution. Reflecting current changes in the field of ecology, the new edition incorporates more discussion of the evolutionary perspective on ecological systems. For anyone interested in ecology.
179Perspectives on Animal BehaviorJudith Goodenough97804700451760470045175WileyHardcoverN/APerspectives on Animal Behavior introduces biologists and psychologists to the scientific reasoning and methodology in the field while also addressing... development and mechanisms. Rather than just focusing on evolutionary behavior, the book presents a variety of different perspectives including genetics, neurological, learning, and behavioral ecology. The third edition walks them through experimentation and data analysis, which are critical in the field. It includes classical studies that form the foundation of this field but concentrates on more current work in order to present the thinking and experiments. Biologists and psychologists will then gain a modern understanding of animal behavior.
1810Endocrinology (6th Edition)Mac Hadley97801318760640131876066Benjamin CummingsHardcover$163.00 This revision of the classic textbook in endocrinology will offer all of the advantages found in earlier editions of Hadley's "Endocrinology,"... including clear explanations, interesting applications, and in-depth coverage of vertebrate hormones.  In addition, chapters are now presented in a lecture-friendly format, with headers summarizing each of the major concepts.   As in earlier editions, basic principles of molecular, cellular, and integrative endocrinology are presented early, along with an updated guide to current research and methodologies. Following chapters contain discussions of  each of the major endocrine systems, supplemented with the most important and interesting new information.   Neuroendocrine and reproductive systems are the specialty of the new co-author of this edition,  and corresponding chapters have been appropriately increased in coverage. Special features of this new edition include... 1. Expanded explanations of basic concepts 2. Updated information on research methodologies 3. Latest research findings added to chapters on each endocrine system 4. Additonal diagrams and figures 5. Printed with second color scheme. 6. New "Think, Analyze, and Discuss" review questions      For health professionals, veterinarians, pharmacologists, and anyone in a field where endocrinology is the focus.
1911Understanding BioinformaticsMarketa Zvelebil97808153402490815340249Garland SciencePaperback$130.00Suitable for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates, Understanding Bioinformatics provides a definitive guide to this vibrant and evolving... discipline. The book takes a conceptual approach. It guides the reader from first principles through to an understanding of the computational techniques and the key algorithms. Understanding Bioinformatics is an invaluable companion for students from their first encounter with the subject through to more advanced studies.  The book is divided into seven parts, with the opening part introducing the basics of nucleic acids, proteins and databases. Subsequent parts are divided into 'Applications' and 'Theory' Chapters, allowing readers to focus their attention effectively.  In each section, the Applications Chapter provides a fast and straightforward route to understanding the main concepts and 'getting started'. Each of these is then followed by Theory Chapters which give greater detail and present the underlying mathematics. In Part 2, Sequence Alignments, the Applications Chapter shows the reader how to get started on producing and analyzing sequence alignments, and using sequences for database searching, while the next two chapters look closely at the more advanced techniques and the mathematical algorithms involved. Part 3 covers evolutionary processes and shows how bioinformatics can be used to help build phylogenetic trees. Part 4 looks at the characteristics of whole genomes. In Parts 5 and 6 the focus turns to secondary and tertiary structure – predicting structural conformation and analysing structure-function relationships. The last part surveys methods of analyzing data from a set of genes or proteins of an organism and is rounded off with an overview of systems biology. The writing style of Understanding Bioinformatics is notable for its clarity, while the extensive, full-color artwork has been designed to present the key concepts with simplicity and consistency. Each chapter uses mind-maps and flow diagrams to give an overview of the conceptual links within each topic. 
2012Molecular BiologyRobert Weaver97800735253270073525324McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/MathHardcoverN/AMolecular Biology, 4/e by Robert Weaver, is designed for an introductory course in molecular biology. Molecular Biology 5/e focuses on the fundamental... concepts of molecular biology emphasizing experimentation. In particular author, Rob Weaver, focuses on the study of genes and their activities at the molecular level. Through the combination of excellent illustrations and clear, succinct writing students are presented fundamental molecular biology concepts.
2113Neuroscience, Fifth EditionDale Purves97808789369530878936955Sinauer Associates, Inc.Hardcover$112.95This classic textbook guides students through the challenges and excitement of the rapidly changing field of neuroscience. Accessible for both medical... students and undergraduate neuroscience students, the 5th edition has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments.
2214Human Communication Disorders: An Introduction (8th Edition) (Allyn...Noma B. Anderson97801370613340137061331PearsonPaperback$140.20 This leading introductory book on communication disorders uses student-friendly content to explore current research, central theories, and the nuts... and bolts of clinical therapy.   Updated with the most current research and information, the newly revised eighth edition of Human Communication Disorders continues to cover a broad range of topics including speech and language development, genetics, the biology and physics of communication, and an overview of cultural and linguistic diversity. With an emphasis on evidence-based practice, experts in speech-language pathology and audiology place communication processes and communication disorders in perspective, define basic theories of causation, introduce identifying characteristics, and present an overview of procedures for evaluation and treatment – while at the same time focusing on the real people who both have communication disorders and the real people who study them.   The new eighth edition has been rewritten with a more contemporary, student-friendly approach and style that makes the content more engaging and easier to process. 
2315Clinical Phonetics (4th Edition) (The Allyn & Bacon...Lawrence D. Shriberg97801370210620137021062PearsonPaperback$145.40 A comprehensive introduction to the art and science of clinical transcription.   Clinical Phonetics was written with the belief that the... clinical application of phonetics is a specialized branch of the field that requires a particular sensitivity to the challenge of transcribing speech disorders. The three primary strengths of the fourth edition of this text continue to be: authoritative coverage of the phonetics of American English, tested skills teaching in clinical transcription using four hours of audio examples (CDs sold separately), and the discussion of a wealth of clinically-relevant topics throughout the text and numerous appendices. Other notable features of the book are its broad coverage of phonetics, including an overview of the anatomy of speech production; phonetic symbols for consonants, vowels and diphthongs; diacritics for narrow transcription; representing suprasegmentals such as stress pattern; acoustic properties of speech; and dialect. This newly revised edition of Clinical Phonetics preserves the strengths of the earlier editions but offers significant improvements in content and style.
2416Music Speech AudioWilliam Strong97807409308810740930885BYU Academic PublishingSpiral-boundN/AThe book is intended for use in courses dealing with acoustical aspects of hearing, speech, music, sound reproduction, and the environment. An emphasis... is placed on the application of physical principles in explaining and describing diverse acoustical phenomena. Although the presentation is descriptive in nature, some use is made of simple mathematics. The 50 chapters are organized into six major parts: I. Physical and Acoustical Background II. The Ear and Hearing III. Living and Listening Environments IV. The Human Voice and Speech V. Musical Acoustics VI. Sound Recording and Reproduction
2517The Sense of HearingChristopher J. Plack97808058488470805848843Psychology PressPaperback$47.95The Sense of Hearing is a truly accessible introduction to auditory perception that is intended for students approaching the subject for the first time,... and as a foundation for more advanced study. In clear and authoritative prose, the fundamental aspects of hearing are addressed. The reader is introduced to the nature of sound and the spectrum, and the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system. Basic auditory processes including frequency selectivity, loudness and pitch perception, temporal resolution, and sound localization are explained. The reader is led to an understanding of the remarkable abilities of the auditory system in a systematic and coherent way. In the final chapters, it is shown how complex processes, such as perceptual organization and speech perception, are dependent on the initial analysis that occurs when sounds enter the ear.The text benefits from 139 original illustrations, including uncluttered diagrams that illuminate auditory mechanisms. An extensive glossary provides definitions of technical terms. The emphasis is on explanation and clarity of style throughout, and the book will be an essential resource for students and educators involved in this sometimes challenging field.
2618The Clinician's Guide to Treating Cleft Palate SpeechSally Peterson-Falzone97803230252630323025269MosbyPaperback$66.95This pocket-size handbook provides brief summaries about the effects of clefts and non-cleft velopharyngeal inadequacy (VPI) on communication... development in children. Its clinical focus covers the diagnosis and management of the resulting disorders with information presented in a quick-reference format, including many bulleted lists, tables, and helpful illustrations. While this book is a complete work on its own, there is some referencing of the larger textbook Cleft Palate Speech that provides background on research and theory, as well as additional illustrations.A clinical focus provides readers with the nuts and bolts of cleft palate speech diagnosis and therapy and reflects the realities of clinical practice in which differential diagnoses and management are the order of the day.Bulleted lists, tables, and helpful illustrations provide quick reference and easy access to key information needed in the day-to-day practice.Authors are highly respected experts in the field of motor speech disorders.Tables and boxed text give easy access to important information.Companion CD-ROM with video of clinical material illustrates case material through demonstrations of speech problems and therapeutic approaches.
2718Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children, 1eMichael E. Groher PhD97803230529860323052983MosbyHardcover$87.95Develop the understanding and clinical reasoning skills you'll need to confidently manage dysphagia in professional practice! This logically organized,... evidence-based resource reflects the latest advancements in dysphagia in an approachable, student-friendly manner to help you master the clinical evaluation and diagnostic decision-making processes. Realistic case scenarios, detailed review questions, and up-to-date coverage of current testing procedures and issues in pediatric development prepare you for the conditions you'll face in the clinical setting and provide an unparalleled foundation for professional success. Comprehensive coverage addresses the full spectrum of dysphagia to strengthen your clinical evaluation and diagnostic decision-making skills. Logical, user-friendly organization incorporates chapter outlines, learning objectives, case histories, and chapter summaries to reinforce understanding and create a more efficient learning experience. Clinically relevant case examples and critical thinking questions throughout the text help you prepare for the clinical setting and strengthen your decision-making skills. Companion Evolve Resources website clarifies key diagnostic procedures with detailed video clips.
2819Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource ManualKenneth G. Shipley97814180532841418053287Delmar Cengage LearningSpiral-bound$177.95This best-selling, widely lauded resource has been carefully revised to be the most important edition yet. Clinicians have come to depend on this... accessible, easy to navigate resource manual for a wide range of procedures and materials for obtaining, interpreting, and reporting assessment data. In this new edition, you'll find a new chapter on literacy, including much-needed information on reading and writing assessment. There is also updated and expanded coverage of autism, auditory processing disorders, and pediatric dysphagia. The reproducible, customizable forms have been updated as needed, both in the text and in the accompanying CD-ROM, giving you unlimited access to these clinical resources. Now in beautiful full color, all illustrations have been completely updated for greater clarity and diversity. Additionally, chapters are color coded for easy navigation. Clinicians, instructors, and students all agree that this is one of the most valuable assessment resources available to speech-language pathologists.
2919EBK ASSESS.IN SPEECH-LANG.PATH... (CS)9781435409958N/A
3019Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness PerspectiveAudrey L. Holland97815975604981597560499Plural Publishing IncPaperback$55.00This book is written to teach students and practicing speechlanguage pathologists and audiologists how to counsel clients and their families... effectively. The counseling skills introduced in this book are based on the model of Positive Psychology, a rapidly growing branch of Psychology that focuses on mental health and well-being, and how to achieve and maintain it. By incorporating the key elements of Positive Psychology into clinical practice, speech pathologists and audiologists can more effectively help patients live productively and successfully with their communication problems. Clinicians should be prepared to counsel clients with communication impairments, and provides clinical guidance on a life span basis. Holland offers examples, exercises and specific techniques for working with individuals and families who have communication disorders acquired in adulthood, for working with parents of children with catastrophic conditions that are present at birth, and for working both with children and families of those whose communication disorders were incurred in childhood or adolescence. She also features one-on-one activities and model workshop examples for use with groups.
3120Language Disorders from Infancy through Adolescence: Listening,...Rhea Paul PhD CCC-SLP97803230718400323071848MosbyHardcover$115.00Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence, 4th Edition is the go-to text for all the information you need to properly assess childhood... language disorders and provide appropriate treatment. This core resource spans the entire developmental period through adolescence, and uses a descriptive-developmental approach to present basic concepts and vocabulary, an overview of key issues and controversies, the scope of communicative difficulties that make up child language disorders, and information on how language pathologists approach the assessment and intervention processes. This new edition also features significant updates in research, trends, instruction best practices, and social skills assessment. Comprehensive text covers the entire developmental period through adolescence. Clinical application focus featuring case studies, clinical vignettes, and suggested projects helps you apply concepts to professional practice. Straightforward, conversational writing style makes this book easy to read and understand. More than 230 tables and boxes summarize important information such as dialogue examples, sample assessment plans, assessment and intervention principles, activities, and sample transcripts. UNIQUE! Practice exercises with sample transcripts allow you to apply different methods of analysis. UNIQUE! Helpful study guides at the end of each chapter help you review and apply what you have learned. Versatile text is perfect for a variety of language disorder courses, and serves as a great reference tool for professional practitioners. Highly regarded lead author Rhea Paul lends her expertise in diagnosing and managing pediatric language disorders. Communication development milestones are printed on the inside front cover for quick access.Chapter objectives summarize what you can expect to learn in each chapter.Updated content features the latest research, theories, trends and techniques in the field. Information on autism incorporated throughout the text Best practices in preliteracy and literacy instruction The role of the speech-language pathologist on school literacy teams and in response to intervention New reference sources Student/Professional Resources on Evolve include an image bank, video clips, and references linked to PubMed.
3221Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 7eRobert H. Brookshire PhD CCC/SP97803230453150323045316MosbyPaperback$87.95This popular, well-respected textbook provides the most comprehensive and cutting-edge information on the foundations, diagnosis, assessment,... management, and treatment of patients with neurogenic communication disorders. Still the only text on the market that surveys the entire range of disorders in a single volume, this new edition is completely up to date with the most current research and developments in the field. New coverage includes three new assessment chapters and new discussions of hot topics such as the functional, environmental, and social elements of communication. The book is supplemented throughout with engaging artwork, clinical tips, and practical advice featuring many examples from clinical settings.Colored boxes offer related facts and tips interspersed throughout the text to provide clinically relevant insights and enhance discussions.Thought Questions pose analysis querries and scenarios at the conclusion of each chapter that challenge you to assess your understanding, think critically, and apply the information to realistic clinical situations. Suggested answers are supplied in an appendix.Sections of bulleted General Concepts points appear at intervals throughout each chapter, summarizing critical content and serving as "chapter checkpoints" to ensure you've understood what you've read.Brief clinical vignettes and practice notes from the author's years of experience in speech-language pathology illustrate practical applications of concepts for evaluation and treatment.Nearly 300 images help improve your understanding of the material - anatomic illustrations with color highlights, examples of radiological evaluations, examples of various assessment tests, sample paperwork, and forms that can be used in hospital internships and in practice.A true scientific, evidence-based rationale underlies discussions regarding the effectiveness of treatment approaches, reinforcing the use of evidence-based practice.Information is presented in a two-color design that visually differentiates learning features and draws you into content discussions.The book's clear, concise, straightforward writing style makes complex subject matter easy to grasp.Appendices provide excellent learning tools and sources for further study, including answers to Thought Questions, a glossary, a listing of common medical abbreviations, and a bibliography of all chapter references.Three new chapters address assessment of 1) cognition, 2) language and communication, and 3) functional communication and quality of life, providing additional insight on the varied and complex methods clinicians use to evaluate individuals with brain injuries.Discussions of hot topics include the functional, environmental, and social elements of communication, the World Health Organization's focus on functional quality of life, and evidence-based practice as it applies to the effectiveness of various treatment approaches.A four-page mini-atlas of neuroanatomy contains full-color cadaver photographs that illustrate the nervous system areas affected in individuals with neurogenic communication disorders.Page number references added to the chapter outlines quickly direct you to specific discussions and coverage of key topics in each chapter.An accompanying Evolve® website includes an electronic version of the bibliography for fast and easy reference to research materials, as well as instructor-only resources featuring an image collection, neuroanatomic animations, and a test bank with 500 questions.
3322An Introduction to the Psychology of HearingBrian C. J. Moore97817805203841780520387Emerald Group Publishing LimitedPaperback$62.95Now available in a sixth edition, An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing is the leading textbook in the field of auditory perception, also known... as psychoacoustics.The textbook's longevity and loyal readership can be attributed to the accessible manner in which it describes the relationships between the characteristics of the sounds that enter the ear and the sensations that they produce. Wherever possible, the author has specified these relationships in terms of the underlying mechanisms. The intention is to impart an understanding of what the auditory system does and how it works: research results are not just described, but are interpreted and evaluated; knowledge is not assumed, but deduced from basic principles. Topics covered include the physics of sound, the physiology of the auditory system, frequency selectivity and masking, loudness perception, temporal analysis, pitch perception, sound localization, timbre perception, the perceptual organization of complex auditory 'scenes', speech perception, and practical applications such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and high-fidelity sound reproduction. The book also includes extensive references to recent research so that those interested in a specific area can readily obtain more detailed information.The new edition of An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing has been thoroughly updated. New sections have been added covering perceptual methods of estimating basilar-membrane compression, informational masking of non-speech and speech sounds, experiments and theories concerning pitch perception, and the perception of speech in complex auditory environments.
3423Where is the Mango Princess? A Journey Back from Brain InjuryCathy Crimmins97803757044200375704426VintagePaperback$15.00Humorist Cathy Crimmins has written a deeply personal, wrenching, and often hilarious account of the effects of traumatic brain injury, not only on the... victim, in this case her husband, but on the family.When her husband Alan is injured in a speedboat accident, Cathy Crimmins reluctantly assumes the role of caregiver and learns to cope with the person he has become. No longer the man who loved obscure Japanese cinema and wry humor, Crimmins' husband has emerged from the accident a childlike and unpredictable replica of his former self with a short attention span and a penchant for inane cartoons. Where Is the Mango Princess? is a breathtaking account that explores the very nature of personality-and the complexities of the heart.
3523Learning to Speak Alzheimer's: A Groundbreaking Approach for...Joanne Koenig Coste97806184851780618485171Mariner BooksPaperback$14.95More than four million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s, and as many as twenty million have close relatives or friends with the disease.... Revolutionizing the way we perceive and live with Alzheimer’s, Joanne Koenig Coste offers a practical approach to the emotional well-being of both patients and caregivers that emphasizes relating to patients in their own reality. Her accessible and comprehensive method, which she calls habilitation, works to enhance communication between carepartners and patients and has proven successful with thousands of people living with dementia. Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s also offers hundreds of practical tips, including how to · cope with the diagnosis and adjust to the disease’s progression · help the patient talk about the illness · face the issue of driving · make meals and bath times as pleasant as possible · adjust room design for the patient’s comfort · deal with wandering, paranoia, and aggression
3623Dementia: From Diagnosis to Management - A Functional ApproachMichelle S. Bourgeois97808058560640805856064Psychology PressHardcover$84.95Dementia: From Diagnosis to Management - A Functional Approach is a comprehensive description of a functional and behavioral approach to assessing and... treating persons with dementia. While very practical, the information is embedded in a scientific context of the causes, neuropsychological manifestations, and complications of dementia. The management of the impairments of dementia is centered on its functional consequences and impact on daily living. The chapters describe behavioral interventions and environmental strategies that aim to improve daily activities and quality of life from a proactive communication and memory basis. Specific suggestions are provided to enhance family involvement and staff relationships, interdisciplinary cooperation, reimbursement, and documentation across various home and institutional settings. The book is written in a straightforward style and is evenhanded in its critical analyses of the evidence available to inform practice. The extensive clinical backgrounds of the authors allow them to use ‘real world’ case studies to illustrate common challenges of persons with dementia and potential solutions for caregivers. Further resources and clinical materials are included in comprehensive appendices. The volume provides essential reading for clinicians and administrators who seek to improve the lives of people with dementia and those who care for them. It is also an invaluable reference for beginning students in adult language disorders and gerontology.
3723Collaborative Brain Injury Intervention: Positive Everyday RoutinesMark Ylvisaker97815659373381565937333SingularPaperback$103.95Collaborative Brain Injury Intervention: Positive Everyday Routines illustrates collaboration and thereby integration in several important ways. The... authors succeed in integrating different perspectives into a coherent view of the nature of the problem and the approach to treatment. They suggest a collaborative treatment that helps unify the work of different disciplines and services over time in the service of the client's real-world needs. They also provide the possibility of an integrated approach to treating a broad range of problems.
3825Handbook of Clinical Audiology (Point (Lippincott Williams &...9780781781060078178106XLippincott Williams & WilkinsHardcover$98.99For more than 35 years, students and audiologists have turned to the acclaimed Handbook of Clinical Audiology to master the principles and methods of... the field. This text and reference offers scientific, clinical, and philosophical insights regarding current issues and procedures in audiology. This new edition incorporates the most recent material in the physiology, assessment, diagnosis, and management of hearing disorders. It is a readable, thorough compendium of hearing procedures and information, interpreted by highly respected individuals in the field.
3926Clinical Otology97815889036481588903648ThiemeHardcover$199.99Clinical Otology is the complete reference for basic scientific information on the functioning of the ear and current techniques for the diagnosis,... management, and rehabilitation of patients with common otologic disorders. In this edition the authors address important topics such as the genetic diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss, management of superior canal dehiscence, evidence-based management of otitis media with effusion, middle ear and brain stem implantable hearing devices, new applications of transtympanic therapy, and more. The book features the exquisite color photographs of world-class otologic photographer Eiji Yanagisawa, MD.Highlights of the third edition:New chapters on Molecular Biology and Clinical Otology, Molecular Disorders and Clinical Otology, Pharmacology of Otologic Drugs, and Cystic Lesions of the Petrous Apex More than 400 illustrations and full-color photographs to aid the comprehension of key concepts Comprehensive lists of references for pursuing topics in greater depthAll otologists, otolaryngologists, audiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and students seeking to optimize patient care should add this state-of-the-art reference to their professional library.
4027Sound Field Amplification: Applications to Speech Perception and...Carl C. Crandell97814018514531401851452SingularPaperback$90.95This much-anticipated new edition of Sound Field Amplification continues its reign as the only communication sciences book devoted to sound field... amplification. Both professionals and students will benefit from the presentation of the theoretical foundations of sound field amplification and its practical applications. Readers will appreciate the straightforward and comprehensive approach to topics such as how children "learn" to hear and how acoustics affects the learning ability of all children. The new edition continues to provide a solid foundation to understanding why the topic of sound field amplification should be included in any discussion of what is needed to ensure success in children's learning. The book also provides the information necessary to conduct sound surveys, obtain funding for amplification systems, and act within the parameters of the laws and regulations governing this topic.
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course top

id title count slug
1001 001 : ALL5001-001-all1
2002 : MASON1002-mason2
3002 011 : HOLBROOK3002-011-holbrook3
4002 021 : STAFF ALL3002-021-staff-all4
5002 031 : LEICHT2002-031-leicht5
6002 081 : STAFF ALL1002-081-staff-all6
7002 104 : SLUSARSKI1002-104-slusarski7
8002 134 : STAFF ALL2002-134-staff-all8
9002 143 : EBERL1002-143-eberl9
10002 150 : PHILLIPS2002-150-phillips10
11002 170 : FASSLER1002-170-fassler11
12002 171 : CHENG1002-171-cheng12
13002 180 : GREEN1002-180-green13
14003 015 : HURTIG1003-015-hurtig14
15003 110 : MOON1003-110-moon15
16003 111 : TITZE1003-111-titze16
17003 113 : TURNER1003-113-turner17
18003 115 : STAFF ALL2003-115-staff-all18
19003 135 : STAFF ALL3003-135-staff-all19
20003 145 : SCHEER-COHEN1003-145-scheer-cohen20
21003 146 : GORDON1003-146-gordon21
22003 230 : ABBAS1003-230-abbas22
23003 234 : DUFF4003-234-duff23
24003 236 : KARNELL1003-236-karnell24
25003 246 : HOLTE1003-246-holte25
26003 247 : BROWN1003-247-brown26
27003 255 : MARTTILA2003-255-marttila27
28003 282 : VAN HORNE1003-282-van-horne28
29003 283 : ZEBROWSKI1003-283-zebrowski29
30004 005 : RANDIKA1004-005-randika30
31004 005 : SWENSON1004-005-swenson31
32004 007 : STAFF ALL4004-007-staff-all32
33004 008 : KOEHN2004-008-koehn33
34004 011 : CHEATUM3004-011-cheatum34
35004 011 : STAFF A-C2004-011-staff-a-c35
36004 012 : STAFF ALL2004-012-staff-all36
37004 021 : SMALL1004-021-small37
38004 029 : LARSEN1004-029-larsen38
39004 111 : STONE1004-111-stone39
40004 121 : STAFF ALL3004-121-staff-all40
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course_to_textbook top

id course_id textbook_id
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department top

id university_id title count slug
11Accounting (ACC)12accounting-acc1
21Art (ART)2art-art2
31Biology (BIO)20biology-bio3
41Chemistry (CHE)13chemistry-che4
51Civil Engineering (CE)14civil-engineering-ce5
61Communicative Sci Disorders (CSD)30communicative-sci-disorders-csd6
71Computer and Info Sciences (CMP)21computer-and-info-sciences-cmp7
81Criminal Justice (CRJ)5criminal-justice-crj8
91Early Childhood Education (ECH)3early-childhood-education-ech9
101Early Childhood Elementary Ed (ECE)9early-childhood-elementary-ed-ece10
111Economics (ECO)6economics-eco11
121Education (EDU)1education-edu12
131Educational Leadership (EDL)2educational-leadership-edl13
141Electrical Engineering (EE)11electrical-engineering-ee14
151Engineering General Courses (EGC)6engineering-general-courses-egc15
161English (ENG)18english-eng16
171Finance (FIN)4finance-fin17
181Food and Animal Science (FAS)3food-and-animal-science-fas18
191Foundation of Education (FED)15foundation-of-education-fed19
201French (FRE)4french-fre20
211Geography (GEO)3geography-geo21
221Health Physical Education (HPE)1health-physical-education-hpe22
231History (HIS)19history-his23
241Human Dev and Family Res Mgmt (HDF)5human-dev-and-family-res-mgmt-hdf24
251Industrial Technology (INT)9industrial-technology-int25
261Information Technology (IT)7information-technology-it26
271Management (MGT)4management-mgt27
281Marketing (MKT)2marketing-mkt28
291Mathematics (MTH)23mathematics-mth29
301MBA (MBA)2mba-mba30
311Mechanical Drafting Design Tec (MDT)2mechanical-drafting-design-tec-mdt31
321Mechanical Engineering (ME)8mechanical-engineering-me32
331Mechanical Engineering Tech (MET)5mechanical-engineering-tech-met33
341Music (MUS)25music-mus34
351Natrual Resources and Environmental Science (NRE)5natrual-resources-and-environmental-science-nre35
361Nutrition and Hospitality Management (NHM)8nutrition-and-hospitality-management-nhm36
371Orientation (ORI)2orientation-ori37
381Philosophy (PHL)5philosophy-phl38
391Physical Education (PED)13physical-education-ped39
401Physics (PHY)14physics-phy40
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department_to_course top

id department_id course_id
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state_province top

id title count slug
6British Columbia3484british-columbia
11District of Columbia7200district-of-columbia
33New Brunswick434new-brunswick
34New Hampshire3069new-hampshire
35New Jersey21679new-jersey
36New Mexico8285new-mexico
37New York81515new-york
39North Carolina32591north-carolina
40North Dakota3875north-dakota
42Nova Scotia381nova-scotia
51Rhode Island8901rhode-island
53South Carolina14369south-carolina
54South Dakota3803south-dakota
61West Virginia6981west-virginia
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university top

id state_province_id title count slug
11Alabama A&M University (aamu)480alabama-a-m-university-aamu
21Alabama State University (alasu)512alabama-state-university-alasu
31Athens State University (athens)371athens-state-university-athens
41Auburn University (Auburn)2184auburn-university-auburn
51Auburn University Montgomery (aum)683auburn-university-montgomery-aum
61Faulkner University (faulkner)211faulkner-university-faulkner
71Jacksonville State University (JSU)1132jacksonville-state-university-jsu
81Samford University (samford)1195samford-university-samford
91Troy State University (Troy)1698troy-state-university-troy
101University of Alabama (Birmingham) (UAB)1763university-of-alabama-birmingham-uab
111University of Alabama (Huntsville) (UAH)1145university-of-alabama-huntsville-uah
121University of Alabama (Main Campus) (UA)5058university-of-alabama-main-campus-ua
131University of North Alabama (UNA)855university-of-north-alabama-una
141University of South Alabama (South-Alabama)1300university-of-south-alabama-south-alabama
152University of Alaska (Anchorage) (UAA)2067university-of-alaska-anchorage-uaa
162University of Alaska (Fairbanks) (UAF)1162university-of-alaska-fairbanks-uaf
172University of Alaska Southeast (uasalaska)272university-of-alaska-southeast-uasalaska
184Arizona State University (ASU)5654arizona-state-university-asu
194Northern Arizona University (NAU)1879northern-arizona-university-nau
205Arkansas State University (ASTATE)1347arkansas-state-university-astate
215Arkansas Tech University (ATU)1142arkansas-tech-university-atu
225Harding University (harding)1675harding-university-harding
235Southern Arkansas University (saumag)536southern-arkansas-university-saumag
245University of Central Arkansas (UCA)1740university-of-central-arkansas-uca
256Capilano University (capilanou)770capilano-university-capilanou
266Simon Fraser University (sfu)1992simon-fraser-university-sfu
276Thompson Rivers University (tru)722thompson-rivers-university-tru
287American River College (arc)2192american-river-college-arc
297Azusa Pacific University (apu)2937azusa-pacific-university-apu
307Bakersfield College (bakersfieldcollege)1510bakersfield-college-bakersfieldcollege
317Biola University (biola)2220biola-university-biola
327Cal Poly Pomona (CSU-Pomona)2252cal-poly-pomona-csu-pomona
337Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO)758cal-poly-san-luis-obispo-slo
347California State University Channel Islands (csuci)639california-state-university-channel-islands-csuci
357California State University Monterey Bay (csumb)691california-state-university-monterey-bay-csumb
367Chapman University (Chapman)1460chapman-university-chapman
377City College of San Francisco (ccsf)2350city-college-of-san-francisco-ccsf
387CSU Bakersfield (CSU-Bakersfield)641csu-bakersfield-csu-bakersfield
397CSU Chico (CHICO)1258csu-chico-chico
407CSU Dominguez Hills (CSU-DH)1376csu-dominguez-hills-csu-dh

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