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letter top letter.ts letter.letter
12022-11-08 16:17:26#
22022-11-08 16:17:26a
32022-11-08 16:17:26b
42022-11-08 16:17:26c
52022-11-08 16:17:26d
62022-11-08 16:17:26e
72022-11-08 16:17:26f
82022-11-08 16:17:26g
92022-11-08 16:17:26h
102022-11-08 16:17:26i
112022-11-08 16:17:26j
122022-11-08 16:17:26k
132022-11-08 16:17:26l
142022-11-08 16:17:26m
152022-11-08 16:17:26n
162022-11-08 16:17:26o
172022-11-08 16:17:26p
182022-11-08 16:17:26q
192022-11-08 16:17:26r
202022-11-08 16:17:26s
212022-11-08 16:17:26t
222022-11-08 16:17:26u
232022-11-08 16:17:26v
242022-11-08 16:17:26w
252022-11-08 16:17:26x
262022-11-08 16:17:26y
272022-11-08 16:17:26z
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word top word.ts word.word word.letter
12022-11-08 17:29:380#
582022-11-08 23:41:32100-percent#
692022-11-08 23:45:221040-es#
952022-11-08 23:52:1910-k#
1262022-11-09 01:05:0012-foot#
1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
2962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
3972022-11-09 02:21:14360-degree#
4052022-11-09 02:23:373-D#
5592022-11-09 03:04:025-star#
5772022-11-09 03:09:086-8#
6562022-11-09 03:28:238-bit#
6592022-11-09 03:29:038-foot#
7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
7122022-11-09 03:43:36x-actox
7222022-11-09 03:46:13xanadux
7282022-11-09 03:47:51xanderx
7342022-11-09 03:49:04xantenx
7362022-11-09 03:49:35xanthanx
7372022-11-09 03:49:48xanthan-gumx
7482022-11-09 03:52:34xanthix
7572022-11-09 03:54:55xanthinex
7782022-11-09 04:01:22xanthochroix
8532022-11-09 04:24:53xerophilousx
8562022-11-09 04:25:34xerophthalmiax
8602022-11-09 04:26:37xerophyticx
8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
9002022-11-09 04:37:15x-factorx
9102022-11-09 04:40:00xix
9132022-11-09 04:40:54xianx
9362022-11-09 04:46:48xiix
9372022-11-09 04:47:03xiiix
9502022-11-09 04:51:00xingx
9542022-11-09 04:51:55xingúx
9582022-11-09 04:52:42xinjiangx
9792022-11-09 04:57:41xyy-syndromex
9802022-11-09 04:57:50xyzx
9882022-11-09 04:59:39xenocratesx
10122022-11-09 05:05:58xenograftx
10312022-11-09 05:10:38xenonx
10462022-11-09 05:13:58xenophanesx
10522022-11-09 05:15:18xenophobiax
10582022-11-09 05:17:03xenophonx
10792022-11-09 05:23:30xenopusx
11752022-11-09 05:58:32xivx
11812022-11-09 06:00:22xlx
11822022-11-09 06:00:38x-linkedx
11892022-11-09 06:02:49xmasx
11912022-11-09 06:03:29xmlx
11972022-11-09 06:05:19xnx
12032022-11-09 06:06:20xox
12302022-11-09 06:14:15xoxox
12322022-11-09 06:14:43xpx
12392022-11-09 06:16:52xpsx
12422022-11-09 06:17:54xrx
12452022-11-09 06:18:49x-ratedx
12462022-11-09 06:19:00x-rayx
12542022-11-09 06:20:58x-rayedx
12622022-11-09 06:23:20x-raysx
12782022-11-09 06:27:12xsx
12792022-11-09 06:27:36x-sx
12862022-11-09 06:29:48xtx
12882022-11-09 06:30:07xtcx
13042022-11-09 06:34:07xviiix
13082022-11-09 06:35:00xxx
13092022-11-09 06:35:22xxix
13102022-11-09 06:35:43xxlx
13132022-11-09 06:36:42xxxx
13182022-11-09 06:38:21xyx
13322022-11-09 06:43:25xylemx
13372022-11-09 06:44:37xylenex
13472022-11-09 06:47:07xylitolx
14042022-11-09 07:02:00xylophonex
14582022-11-09 07:19:13xanthonex
14832022-11-09 07:27:27xanthoriax
14852022-11-09 07:28:03xanthorrhoeax
15032022-11-09 07:32:38xanthusx
15242022-11-09 07:40:15xavierx
15302022-11-09 07:42:06x-axisx
15412022-11-09 07:45:06xboxx
15442022-11-09 07:45:39x-cx
15482022-11-09 07:46:48x-chromosomex
15492022-11-09 07:47:12x-countryx
15572022-11-09 07:50:13xex
15872022-11-09 07:58:50xeniax
15912022-11-09 07:59:46xenicalx
16122022-11-09 08:04:52ee
16942022-11-09 08:29:26ealdormane
16962022-11-09 08:30:21ealinge
17022022-11-09 08:32:14eare
17042022-11-09 08:32:55earachee
17092022-11-09 08:34:06earbude
17122022-11-09 08:35:03ear-canale
17142022-11-09 08:37:09ear-candlinge
17262022-11-09 08:40:10ear dropse
17272022-11-09 08:40:32eardrume
17292022-11-09 08:40:55earede
17342022-11-09 08:41:54earfule
17452022-11-09 08:45:05earinge
17462022-11-09 08:45:22earle
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synonym top synonym.ts synonym.synonym synonym.definition word.ts word.word word.letter
12022-12-04 20:52:26zero(Mathematics, algebra) The additive identity element of a monoid or greater algebraic structure, particularly a group or ring.12022-11-08 17:29:380#
22022-12-04 20:52:26cipherThe definition of a cipher is the symbol "0" meaning zero, or a secret code, something written in code, or a key used to figure out the meaning of something written in code.12022-11-08 17:29:380#
32022-12-04 20:52:26cypherAlternative spelling of cipher.12022-11-08 17:29:380#
42022-12-04 20:52:26noughtA thing or person of no worth or value; nil.12022-11-08 17:29:380#
52022-12-04 20:52:44authenticityThe quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine.2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
62022-12-04 20:52:44genuinenessThe quality of being genuine; authenticity.2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
72022-12-04 20:52:44validityThe state, quality, or fact of being valid in law or in argument, proof, authority, etc.2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
82022-12-04 20:52:44realityThe state of being actual or real.2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
92022-12-04 20:52:44realism(Sciences) The viewpoint that an external reality exists independent of observation2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
102022-12-04 20:52:44truthfulnessThe quality of being truthful2878762022-11-09 01:44:25realnessr
112022-12-04 20:53:10practical-politicspolitics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations2878862022-11-09 01:47:08realpolitikr
122022-12-04 20:53:18real estateReal estate is defined as land or buildings that can be owned.2878912022-11-09 01:48:18real propertyr
132022-12-04 20:53:18realty(Obs.) Fidelity; honesty2878912022-11-09 01:48:18real propertyr
142022-12-04 20:53:18immovableThat which can not be moved; something which is immovable.2878912022-11-09 01:48:18real propertyr
152022-12-04 20:53:24three-Da movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance4052022-11-09 02:23:373-D#
162022-12-04 20:53:243da movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance4052022-11-09 02:23:373-D#
172022-12-04 20:53:40actual time2879092022-11-09 01:53:01real timer
182022-12-04 20:53:40problem-solving time2879092022-11-09 01:53:01real timer
192022-12-04 20:53:49real estate agent2879172022-11-09 01:54:45realtorr
202022-12-04 20:53:49brokerA mediator between a buyer and seller.2879172022-11-09 01:54:45realtorr
212022-12-04 20:53:49dealerThe person who deals the cards in a card game.2879172022-11-09 01:54:45realtorr
222022-12-04 20:54:03real property(Law) Property in the form of land as opposed to personal possessions; real estate.2879182022-11-09 01:55:10realtyr
232022-12-04 20:54:03real estateReal estate is defined as land or buildings that can be owned.2879182022-11-09 01:55:10realtyr
242022-12-04 20:54:03immovableThat which can not be moved; something which is immovable.2879182022-11-09 01:55:10realtyr
252022-12-04 20:54:45scratchTo strike out or cancel (a word, for example) by or as if by drawing lines through.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
262022-12-04 20:54:45crossSomething that combines the qualities of two different things or types7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
272022-12-04 20:54:45tenner(Brit.) A ten-pound note7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
282022-12-04 20:54:45unknown-quantityA person or thing whose nature or value is a mystery.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
292022-12-04 20:54:45strike(Intransitive) To set off on a walk or trip.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
302022-12-04 20:54:45cristalstreet names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
312022-12-04 20:54:45mysterySomething unexplained, unknown, or kept secret7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
322022-12-04 20:54:45yAny of the speech sounds that this letter represents, as, in English, the semivowel (y) at the beginning of a syllable, as in yes or beyond, or the vowel (i) of myth, (ē) of holy, or (ī) of my7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
332022-12-04 20:54:45timesA person's experiences or biography.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
342022-12-04 20:54:45Also used with out: annulTo remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
352022-12-04 20:54:45xA movie rating indicating that admission will not be granted to anyone under the age of 17.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
362022-12-04 20:54:45decadeA group of ten7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
372022-12-04 20:54:45tenTotaling one more than nine7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
382022-12-04 20:54:4510the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
392022-12-04 20:54:45unknown(Mathematics) A quantity of unknown numerical value.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
402022-12-04 20:54:45variableThe definition of a variable is something that can change, or is a quantity in an equation that can change its value.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
412022-12-04 20:54:45nN is the fourteenth letter in the English alphabet.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
422022-12-04 20:54:45ecstasyA feeling of overpowering joy; great delight; rapture7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
432022-12-04 20:54:45xtcstreet names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
442022-12-04 20:54:45disco-biscuit(Slang) A tablet of the drug ecstasy.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
452022-12-04 20:54:45hug drugstreet names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
462022-12-04 20:54:45ex.Ex is slang and is defined as a past partner.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
472022-12-04 20:54:45letterA written or printed communication, generally longer and more formal than a note.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
482022-12-04 20:54:45markA number, letter, or symbol used to indicate various grades of academic achievement:7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
492022-12-04 20:54:45signature(Figurative) A mark or sign of implication.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
502022-12-04 20:54:45blotTo erase or get rid of7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
512022-12-04 20:54:45cancelTo cross out with lines or other marks, as in deleting written matter or marking a check as used and cleared7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
522022-12-04 20:54:45deleteTo take out (a printed or written letter, word, etc.); cross out7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
532022-12-04 20:54:45effaceTo erase (as anything impressed or inscribed upon a surface); to render illegible or indiscernible.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
542022-12-04 20:54:45eraseTo remove (something written, for example) by rubbing, wiping, or scraping.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
552022-12-04 20:54:45expungeTo erase, delete, or strike out:7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
562022-12-04 20:54:45obliterateTo render invisible or unreadable, as by erasing or marking over:7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
572022-12-04 20:54:45rubTo move (one's hand, a cloth, etc.) over, or spread or apply (polish, etc.) on or over, a surface or object in this way7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
582022-12-04 20:54:45undoTo reverse the doing of (something accomplished); do away with; cancel; annul7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
592022-12-04 20:54:45wipeTo rub or pass over with a cloth, mop, etc., as for cleaning or drying7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
602022-12-04 20:54:45vacateTo leave an office or position.7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
612022-12-04 20:54:45adam(Name, person, proper) A masculine name7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
622022-12-04 20:54:45go(Brit., Informal) A quantity given or taken at one time7052022-11-09 03:42:11xx
632022-12-04 20:55:08xeroma(Medicine) Dryness of the eye.8562022-11-09 04:25:34xerophthalmiax
642022-12-04 20:55:08xerophthalmusAlternative form of xerophthalmia.8562022-11-09 04:25:34xerophthalmiax
652022-12-04 20:55:08conjunctivitis aridaabnormal dryness of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes; may be due to a systemic deficiency of vitamin A8562022-11-09 04:25:34xerophthalmiax
662022-12-04 20:55:21photocopyTo make a copy using a photocopier.8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
672022-12-04 20:55:21copyTo admit of being copied:8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
682022-12-04 20:55:21duplicateTo make an exact copy or copies of8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
692022-12-04 20:55:21reproduceTo produce an image or copy of something.8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
702022-12-04 20:55:21xerographic copiera duplicator (trade mark Xerox) that copies graphic matter by the action of light on an electrically charged photoconductive insulating surface in which the latent image is developed with a resinous powder8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
712022-12-04 20:55:21xerox-copy(Slang, US) A xerox; a photocopy.8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
722022-12-04 20:55:21run-offTo operate by a particular energy source.8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
732022-12-04 20:55:21Xerox machinea duplicator (trade mark Xerox) that copies graphic matter by the action of light on an electrically charged photoconductive insulating surface in which the latent image is developed with a resinous powder8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
742022-12-04 20:55:21dittoTo ditto is defined as to make copies of something or to repeat an action.8812022-11-09 04:31:59xeroxx
752022-12-04 20:55:35actualityThe quality of being actual or factual; fact2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
762022-12-04 20:55:35physical world2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
772022-12-04 20:55:35natural world2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
782022-12-04 20:55:35things as they are2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
792022-12-04 20:55:35world of nature2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
802022-12-04 20:55:35here-and-nowAt this time and in this place.2879222022-11-09 01:56:18real-worldr
812022-12-04 20:56:04elevenTotaling one more than ten9102022-11-09 04:40:00xix
822022-12-04 20:56:0411being one more than ten9102022-11-09 04:40:00xix
832022-12-04 20:56:18siana city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC9132022-11-09 04:40:54xianx
842022-12-04 20:56:18Singana city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC9132022-11-09 04:40:54xianx
852022-12-04 20:56:18Changana city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC9132022-11-09 04:40:54xianx
862022-12-04 20:56:18Hsiana city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC9132022-11-09 04:40:54xianx
872022-12-04 20:56:43twelveTotaling two more than ten9362022-11-09 04:46:48xiix
882022-12-04 20:56:4312denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units9362022-11-09 04:46:48xiix
892022-12-04 20:56:43dozenTwelve.9362022-11-09 04:46:48xiix
902022-12-04 20:56:53jillion(Slang, hyperbolic) An unspecified large number (of).2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
912022-12-04 20:56:53millionA thousand thousands; 1,000,0002879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
922022-12-04 20:56:53multiplicityA great number2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
932022-12-04 20:56:53trillion(Chiefly British) The cardinal number equal to 1018 .2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
942022-12-04 20:56:53bushelA unit of volume or capacity in the US Customary System, used in dry measure and equal to 4 pecks, 2,150.42 cubic inches, or 35.24 liters.2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
952022-12-04 20:56:53gob(Countable, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, slang) The mouth.2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
962022-12-04 20:56:53heap(Informal) A great number or amount2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
972022-12-04 20:56:53loadA fee that a mutual fund charges to an investor when the investor purchases or redeems shares in the fund.2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
982022-12-04 20:56:53lotOne's fortune in life; one's fate:2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
992022-12-04 20:56:53oodlesLots; an unspecified large number, quantity, or amount.2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
1002022-12-04 20:56:53passel(US, informal) An indeterminately large quantity or group.2879232022-11-09 01:56:38reamr
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antonym top antonym.ts antonym.antonym antonym.definition word.ts word.word word.letter
12022-12-24 02:51:31seriousThe definition of serious is showing deep thought, not joking, or a situation that requires careful thought.1879082022-12-02 02:06:53kittenishk
22022-12-24 02:51:31unplayfulNot playful.1879082022-12-02 02:06:53kittenishk
32022-12-24 02:51:31lethargicThe definition of lethargic is being sluggish or having little energy.1879082022-12-02 02:06:53kittenishk
42022-12-24 02:51:31stiffHarsh or severe:1879082022-12-02 02:06:53kittenishk
52022-12-24 02:53:58wantThe definition of a want is something desired or wished for.1881812022-12-02 03:49:25knackk
62022-12-24 02:53:58inabilityLack of the ability to do something; incapability1881812022-12-02 03:49:25knackk
72022-12-24 02:53:58lackThe thing that is lacking or needed1881812022-12-02 03:49:25knackk
82022-12-24 02:53:58ineptitudeThe quality of being inept; ineptness.1881812022-12-02 03:49:25knackk
92022-12-24 02:54:14ineptitudesIneptitude is defined as the quality of being bad at something, or an incompetent remark.1881932022-12-02 03:52:33knacksk
102022-12-24 02:54:14wantsA personification of want.1881932022-12-02 03:52:33knacksk
112022-12-24 02:54:14lacksLack is defined as you are in a position or state where you do not have something or where you do not have enough of something.1881932022-12-02 03:52:33knacksk
122022-12-24 02:54:14inabilitiesLack of the ability to do something; incapability1881932022-12-02 03:52:33knacksk
132022-12-24 02:59:42inattentionAn act of neglect; failure of courtesy.17022022-11-09 08:32:14eare
142022-12-24 03:00:25misunderstoodTo fail to understand correctly; misinterpret1883282022-12-02 04:38:08knewk
152022-12-24 03:00:25forgotTo forget things; be forgetful1883282022-12-02 04:38:08knewk
162022-12-24 03:00:25ignoredIgnore is defined as to deliberately disregard, or to avoid noticing.1883282022-12-02 04:38:08knewk
172022-12-24 03:00:25misinterpretedTo interpret wrongly; understand or explain incorrectly1883282022-12-02 04:38:08knewk
182022-12-24 03:00:44earlessLacking ears.17292022-11-09 08:40:55earede
192022-12-24 03:02:42laterOccurring at an advanced hour, especially well into the evening or night:17622022-11-09 08:50:00earliere
202022-12-24 03:02:42tardierLate; overdue or delayed.17622022-11-09 08:50:00earliere
212022-12-24 03:02:42slowerNot hasty, quick, ready, or prompt17622022-11-09 08:50:00earliere
222022-12-24 03:03:02lateThe definition of late is something that happens or someone that arrives after the expected time.17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
232022-12-24 03:03:02latersooner than expected17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
242022-12-24 03:03:02middleEqually distant from extremes or limits; central:17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
252022-12-24 03:03:02modernCharacteristic or expressive of recent times or the present; contemporary or up-to-date:17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
262022-12-24 03:03:02superannuated2010, Stuart Mann & Gordon Murray, Art of the Formula 1 Race Car, Motorbooks (2010), ISBN 9780760337318, page 14:17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
272022-12-24 03:03:02slowTaking a long time to move or go a short distance, or to perform an action; not quick in motion; proceeding at a low speed.17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
282022-12-24 03:03:02tardyThe definition of tardy is slow moving, delayed or late.17752022-11-09 08:52:50earlye
292022-12-24 03:03:08unknitTo unravel.1884442022-12-02 05:13:38knitk
302022-12-24 03:04:13throw awayTo discard (trash, garbage, or the like), to toss out, to put in the trash, to dispose of.18252022-11-09 09:06:23earmarke
312022-12-24 03:04:13wasteTo be wasted, or not put to full or proper use18252022-11-09 09:06:23earmarke
322022-12-24 03:04:13useTo consume, expend, or exhaust by use18252022-11-09 09:06:23earmarke
332022-12-24 03:04:32used(Often with “up"") To exhaust the supply of; to consume by employing18262022-11-09 09:06:29earmarkede
342022-12-24 03:04:32wastedTo wear away; consume gradually; use up18262022-11-09 09:06:29earmarkede
352022-12-24 03:04:51spendTo pay out (money).18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
362022-12-24 03:04:51loseOf a clock, to run slower than expected.18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
372022-12-24 03:04:51throw awayTo discard (trash, garbage, or the like), to toss out, to put in the trash, to dispose of.18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
382022-12-24 03:04:51exhaustTo draw or let out wholly; to drain off completely; as, to exhaust the water of a well; the moisture of the earth is exhausted by evaporation.18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
392022-12-24 03:04:51consumeTo consume is to use something up, destroy something or eat something.18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
402022-12-24 03:04:51costCost is defined as to be priced at something or to lose.18332022-11-09 09:09:28earne
412022-12-24 03:05:41complimentThe definition of a compliment is the act of giving praise.1885112022-12-02 05:33:25knockk
422022-12-24 03:05:41praise(Archaic) A reason or basis for praise1885112022-12-02 05:33:25knockk
432022-12-24 03:06:27spentTo spend is to use all of a resource, to focus your energy on something or to give someone money.18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
442022-12-24 03:06:27lostTo become slow by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece.18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
452022-12-24 03:06:27unearnedNot yet earned:18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
462022-12-24 03:06:27exhaustedTo tire out; make very weary; weaken18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
472022-12-24 03:06:27consumedTo spend wastefully; squander (time, energy, money, etc.)18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
482022-12-24 03:06:27cost(Business) To estimate the cost of making, producing, carrying out, etc.18352022-11-09 09:10:15earnede
492022-12-24 03:07:18unseriousNot serious; flippant18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
502022-12-24 03:07:18insincereNot sincere; deceptive or hypocritical; not to be trusted18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
512022-12-24 03:07:18unimportantNot important; insignificant or petty.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
522022-12-24 03:07:18flippantFrivolous and disrespectful; saucy; impertinent18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
532022-12-24 03:07:18trivialThe definition of trivial is insignificant, or of no importance.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
542022-12-24 03:07:18unenthusiasticWithout enthusiasm; unexcited.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
552022-12-24 03:07:18unthoughtfulUnplanned or unthinking18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
562022-12-24 03:07:18unpurposefulNot purposeful, unintended.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
572022-12-24 03:07:18unpassionateNot passionate18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
582022-12-24 03:07:18unconcernedNot interested; indifferent.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
592022-12-24 03:07:18thoughtlessInconsiderate, inattentive.18432022-11-09 09:12:35earneste
602022-12-24 03:07:27complimentedCompliment means to give praise.1885292022-12-02 05:39:52knockedk
612022-12-24 03:07:27praisedTo laud the glory of (God, etc.), as in song; glorify; extol1885292022-12-02 05:39:52knockedk
622022-12-24 03:07:36complimentingCompliment means to give praise.1885582022-12-02 05:55:19knockingk
632022-12-24 03:07:36praisingTo laud the glory of (God, etc.), as in song; glorify; extol1885582022-12-02 05:55:19knockingk
642022-12-24 03:07:44insincerityAn insincere act, remark, etc.18502022-11-09 09:13:59earnestnesse
652022-12-24 03:07:44unimportanceThe property of lack of importance.18502022-11-09 09:13:59earnestnesse
662022-12-24 03:07:44flippancyA flippant act or remark18502022-11-09 09:13:59earnestnesse
672022-12-24 03:07:59createTo create is to make something.1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
682022-12-24 03:07:59bearTo offer; render:1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
692022-12-24 03:07:59giveTo offer in good faith; pledge:1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
702022-12-24 03:07:59continueThe definition of continue means to remain or go on.1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
712022-12-24 03:07:59startStart is defined as to begin, set out to appear or to move suddenly.1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
722022-12-24 03:07:59pursueTo go on; continue1885892022-12-02 06:06:07knock offk
732022-12-24 03:08:01exhaustingTo tire out; make very weary; weaken18542022-11-09 09:14:57earninge
742022-12-24 03:08:01consumingTo spend wastefully; squander (time, energy, money, etc.)18542022-11-09 09:14:57earninge
752022-12-24 03:08:01spendingTo spend is to use all of a resource, to focus your energy on something or to give someone money.18542022-11-09 09:14:57earninge
762022-12-24 03:08:01costing(Business) To estimate the cost of making, producing, carrying out, etc.18542022-11-09 09:14:57earninge
772022-12-24 03:08:01losingTo become slow by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece.18542022-11-09 09:14:57earninge
782022-12-24 03:08:06paymentDelivery of funds in settlement of a claim or debt; fulfillment of a monetary obligation.18552022-11-09 09:15:19earningse
792022-12-24 03:08:06lossesPlural form of loss18552022-11-09 09:15:19earningse
802022-12-24 03:08:06payoutA paying out; disbursement18552022-11-09 09:15:19earningse
812022-12-24 03:08:06billsPlural form of bill18552022-11-09 09:15:19earningse
822022-12-24 03:08:06debtSomething owed, such as money, goods, or services:18552022-11-09 09:15:19earningse
832022-12-24 03:08:18exhaustsTo tire out; make very weary; weaken18702022-11-09 09:19:13earnse
842022-12-24 03:08:18consumesTo spend wastefully; squander (time, energy, money, etc.)18702022-11-09 09:19:13earnse
852022-12-24 03:08:18spendsTo spend is to use all of a resource, to focus your energy on something or to give someone money.18702022-11-09 09:19:13earnse
862022-12-24 03:08:18costs(Business) To estimate the cost of making, producing, carrying out, etc.18702022-11-09 09:19:13earnse
872022-12-24 03:08:18losesTo become slow by (a specified amount of time). Used of a timepiece.18702022-11-09 09:19:13earnse
882022-12-24 03:09:27complimentsCompliment means to give praise.1886062022-12-02 06:10:45knocksk
892022-12-24 03:09:27praisesTo laud the glory of (God, etc.), as in song; glorify; extol1886062022-12-02 06:10:45knocksk
902022-12-24 03:10:07unearthlyStrange, enigmatic, or mysterious.19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
912022-12-24 03:10:07superhumanGreater than that of a normal human being19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
922022-12-24 03:10:07unnaturalCharacterized by a lack of the emotions, attitudes, or behavior regarded as natural, normal, or right19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
932022-12-24 03:10:07inconceivableThe definition of inconceivable is something that cannot be imagined or understood.19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
942022-12-24 03:10:07heavenlyOf or pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine.19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
952022-12-24 03:10:07spiritualConsisting of spirit; not material; incorporeal.19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
962022-12-24 03:10:07immaterialHaving no matter or substance.19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
972022-12-24 03:10:07imaginableThat can be imagined19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
982022-12-24 03:10:07practicalBeing actually so in almost every respect; virtual:19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
992022-12-24 03:10:07bodyRelating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
1002022-12-24 03:10:07cultureRelating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth19472022-11-09 09:40:55earthlye
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12022-12-13 18:40:34A 100-percent juice is also a good choice.55fd7b87222a8474b418714b4d4254f1582022-11-08 23:41:32100-percent#
22022-12-13 18:40:34You can choose from Kitchen Farmhouse Sinks or Drop-In Sinks, which are all crafted from 100-percent recycled copper.ebdc61510b5ef1676b7777bc503e2ca2582022-11-08 23:41:32100-percent#
32022-12-13 18:40:34Wittman Textile offers a 60-day return policy, a 100-percent guarantee against defects, and quantity discounts.fc95c6ac89ed57336d2452e8da1a86cc582022-11-08 23:41:32100-percent#
42022-12-13 18:41:53The IRS establishes specific payment due dates and publishes those dates in the instructions accompanying Form 1040-ES, titled "Estimated Tax for Individuals."8dfb3ffd74f9561054ccd2760331dc65692022-11-08 23:45:221040-es#
52022-12-13 18:41:53To pay any SE taxes they owe, taxpayers must file Form 1040-ES.f804da1609f4446a76f9510f17b81215692022-11-08 23:45:221040-es#
62022-12-13 18:41:53Form 1040-ES contains the address to which payments should be sent, which differs depending on the taxpayer's state of residence.f7e759dbd70e5ac207384db2c28e0cd7692022-11-08 23:45:221040-es#
72022-12-13 18:42:03The 200 should be run almost all-out, the 600 slightly slower, and the 1600 at about 10-K pace.a8293a5516cd177777c99200cb656f9b952022-11-08 23:52:1910-k#
82022-12-13 18:42:03Form 10-K is a detailed annual financial report checked by and independent auditor.badb46d5ee06c0edad1cceb5eb21b951952022-11-08 23:52:1910-k#
92022-12-13 18:42:03Form 10-Q is not as detailed as the 10-K nor is it audited, but it is required by law for publicly traded companies to file a Form 10-Q quarterly and contains pertinent financial information.e24aeb36bcb2db958507f6e646469ec8952022-11-08 23:52:1910-k#
102022-12-13 18:42:07But, thankfully, the regiment was not sent north to fight against its own kith and kin.b57fe9820c9e4f9bf52686da5f4bc2fe1878732022-12-02 01:51:56kithk
112022-12-13 18:42:07This type of care is often referred to as kith and kin care and may take place either in the child's or the caregiver's home.c108b8c03471ae71942a2f978b1e40e61878732022-12-02 01:51:56kithk
122022-12-13 18:42:07Each cistern is fitted kith a perforated false bottom, on which a blanket or specially woven cloth is placed, to receive the char which is poured in from the top, and packed as evenly as possible until the cistern is filled.c1955ca8d9301bc8db431c200101a02f1878732022-12-02 01:51:56kithk
132022-12-13 18:42:07We cannot claim for it the virtue of strict honesty with regard to the stranger, but for its own " kith and kin " it is a model of socialism in an ideal form, possessing nothing of its own yet toiling unceasingly for the good of all.5d1ecaa77f6cdc451cb3bef43749c5ea1878732022-12-02 01:51:56kithk
142022-12-13 18:42:07He had against him, not merely England, but the kith and kin of Comyn, including the potent clan of MacDowall or MacDougall in Galloway and Lorne; on his own side he had his kinship, broken men, and the clergy of Scotland.092deb878c75d464f4e18c2dd5db5ed61878732022-12-02 01:51:56kithk
152022-12-13 18:42:16The American, who missed the green with his approach at the last, failed to sink a 12-foot par putt for the title.ce44e033a1f735fb03363ccca034f2231262022-11-09 01:05:0012-foot#
162022-12-13 18:42:16Passengers of all ages will also enjoy the new Carnival Triumph Seaside Theatre, which features a 12-foot by 22-foot jumbo-sized LED screen with a crystal-clear picture and a 70,000-watt, surround-sound audio system.6f071c10978d6926c2358d9fb5cdd6461262022-11-09 01:05:0012-foot#
172022-12-13 18:42:16The second part of the Manta rushes riders toward a lagoon where the 12-foot seat wings seem to skim the water causing an up-splash.a5e6327d6174b6e519f30711fe4ef7951262022-11-09 01:05:0012-foot#
182022-12-13 18:42:16The last of three temporary radio transmitters attached to the 12-foot whale with suction cups fell off Wednesday.f3b8a574545750f68d7d7e993a1ae2fe1262022-11-09 01:05:0012-foot#
192022-12-13 18:42:32This type of care is often referred to as kith and kin care and may take place either in the child's or the caregiver's home.c108b8c03471ae71942a2f978b1e40e61878742022-12-02 01:52:23kith-and-kink
202022-12-13 18:42:32But, thankfully, the regiment was not sent north to fight against its own kith and kin.b57fe9820c9e4f9bf52686da5f4bc2fe1878742022-12-02 01:52:23kith-and-kink
212022-12-13 18:42:32He had against him, not merely England, but the kith and kin of Comyn, including the potent clan of MacDowall or MacDougall in Galloway and Lorne; on his own side he had his kinship, broken men, and the clergy of Scotland.092deb878c75d464f4e18c2dd5db5ed61878742022-12-02 01:52:23kith-and-kink
222022-12-13 18:42:32We cannot claim for it the virtue of strict honesty with regard to the stranger, but for its own " kith and kin " it is a model of socialism in an ideal form, possessing nothing of its own yet toiling unceasingly for the good of all.5d1ecaa77f6cdc451cb3bef43749c5ea1878742022-12-02 01:52:23kith-and-kink
232022-12-13 18:42:53In response, Swinson has created her own equivalent of the 12-step program to spiritual redemption.dae1d42d8bc5483c3246069a9625bdae1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
242022-12-13 18:42:53If you can't stop with the help of a 12-step or other support group, you may need rehab or medical treatment.fb31708c00eeb387ff640dd6287d86851332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
252022-12-13 18:42:53For example, US studies find 12-step mutual aid groups most useful when they follow 12-step mutual aid groups most useful when they follow 12-step treatment.8922a644791fda809a280f631bb8ee141332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
262022-12-13 18:42:53If you ca n't stop with the help of a 12-step or other support group, you may need rehab or medical treatment.057e61f590bd6a2fa33da85d134d45ed1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
272022-12-13 18:42:53They incorporate AA or NA into the program, a 12-step program, Davis added.108e1545ffc353b4ecdc2ae2686c39c61332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
282022-12-13 18:42:53The third approach was a program that introduced the first few " steps " of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step approach.bd9dbd76cafd8aade52a2d6f957c5eac1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
292022-12-13 18:42:53Options include inpatient and outpatient therapies, counseling, 12-step programs, and detoxification programs.08962a4b14101703a14c5a057fba2efd1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
302022-12-13 18:42:53A 12-step program, such as Crystal Meth Anonymous, can be extremely helpful in recovery.9dd337665598d58dba6ae695669882a01332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
312022-12-13 18:42:53Initially started by Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step alcohol rehab program focuses on group scenarios that encourage an individual's spiritual and ethical development through a series of steps.9d19561b98a65a0b349145753b4a48dd1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
322022-12-13 18:42:53Then individual, 12-step, and group therapy is used.52833d01f74d7dd8c9dd1ba0a2f24da01332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
332022-12-13 18:42:53Participating in a 12-step program similar to the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous can also be very helpful.ad45de11b92a97d344c9d3812915c4d91332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
342022-12-13 18:42:53Groups which use the 12-step method include Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, and Sexual Compulsiveness Anonymous.1e90699cb76be1ec731f1bda977201801332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
352022-12-13 18:42:53Many people who have had a drink problem and overcome it have used the AA 's 12-step program.545e97ce050a3c1caabe9b0575dbfbff1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
362022-12-13 18:42:53For example, US studies find 12-step mutual aid groups most useful when they follow 12-step treatment.e50bedc70539d0ffc40d6dc5c00eb34b1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
372022-12-13 18:42:53Geesh, one would expect that after 15+ years of going to 12-step meetings that I 'd be ' further along ' than that.d0f4da84395bd64598c7f3f7166bd5091332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
382022-12-13 18:42:53It is one of the 12-step fellowships borne out of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).7e073708969b5e8b5c228928a6ddbebf1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
392022-12-13 18:42:53Programs such as those using a 12-step model can encourage meth addicts to discuss the problem and acknowledge any denial about the addiction.b657baefe6d5496fa673e81f8fb401591332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
402022-12-13 18:42:53In the 12-step program, there is an element of admitting powerlessness over the addiction, surrendering to a higher power, and refraining from using the drug.8a9936d0dfa8e4b31498958106a0e7c51332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
412022-12-13 18:42:53Is it a 12-step program, cognitive behavior, or something else?e951ad1d32d1494469dd3d7e1bd3f2061332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
422022-12-13 18:42:53Counseling, 12-step programs, peer support, and behavioral therapy are often the basis for many programs.2356cc766308c185829236eb03e27a631332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
432022-12-13 18:42:53It needs to be followed up with enrollment in a treatment program, whether inpatient, outpatient, 12-step support, or individual counseling.e410ba370c2d40df890f2b41e7caacf91332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
442022-12-13 18:42:53As in all programs, lectures, therapy, 12-step programs, and other forms of treatment may be used.ae0442222c06b7a6260592fcd218e5241332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
452022-12-13 18:42:53Through community-based organizations like 12-step programs, positive role modeling and peer counseling are stressed.c2884cd6c4ff27de4e9743562a934f661332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
462022-12-13 18:42:53Many groups that celebrate recovery are 12-step groups.95fd6b8da913cd5ffdeb96a19e529f541332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
472022-12-13 18:42:53Knowledge of 12-step or other self-help programs can be useful as well.8345c3954e11ab17b391237b405508df1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
482022-12-13 18:42:53Volunteers who have successfully quit smoking run this free nonprofit program that provides support through discussion and using the 12-step program commonly used in Alcoholics Anonymous.2a7d1669fedd636c0db725c3b8f778db1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
492022-12-13 18:42:53Gamblers Anonymous is an international organization with a 12-step program similar to Alcoholic Anonymous.aec24c668e7594f52ce9427aabd3a7e81332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
502022-12-13 18:42:53The River Source is a 12-Step holistic drug and alcohol treatment center.6f37b1bd1bbf94d60c58fcb5ec4630d71332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
512022-12-13 18:42:53Attending a 12-step program or support groups that are given through free drug rehab centers can be a helpful first step.103357112f82ecea2582b550946162041332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
522022-12-13 18:42:53You can also read more about using a 12-step recovery system for shopping addiction on the Treatment4Addiction website.cf29985e9f09d7aa240f0ba3999efb3a1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
532022-12-13 18:42:53Share that you are willing to participate in meetings and 12-step programs.f342b8004fa994a2ec59825d595818b31332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
542022-12-13 18:42:53Food Addicts Anonymous uses the 12-step recovery model, which lists the steps on their main website.77c6d50a4acbce63168c25f26ccd194a1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
552022-12-13 18:42:53This form of treatment for cocaine addiction is based on a 12-step approach, but recovery is far from easy and can actually be quite gruelling.a2b148e3aace0622dca4b6242ff06ec81332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
562022-12-13 18:42:53The program is not easy to use and requires a 12-step process along with downloading 8 freeware programs.018a2813bf2e04bd8d7d75c8cc5afa0c1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
572022-12-13 18:42:53Adolescents may be successful in treating psychosocial disorders through regular attendance in self-help groups or 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.dd8f3ceaf81361e39e6a0403e1201d021332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
582022-12-13 18:42:53The most frequently recommended social form of outpatient treatment is the 12-step program.ce12b6cc6918593a9a3676d05977eec51332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
592022-12-13 18:42:53The number of visits to 12-step self-help groups exceeds the number of visits to all mental health professionals combined.a5a912bb4b4cda54fc5075f9d382888d1332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
602022-12-13 18:42:53There are 12-step groups for all major substance and process addictions.2057cb723bcc991179b1858e47adf5281332022-11-09 01:07:2212-step#
612022-12-13 18:42:53You can learn to surf, take kite surfing lessons, try power kiting, land yachting, or relax in The Beach.. .f499b9a118d2685ae6fdbd9824a6310c1878812022-12-02 01:55:22kitingk
622022-12-13 18:42:53You can learn to surf, take kite surfing lessons, try power kiting, land yachting, or relax in The Beach...ebde9281da31fb8c4d2273906cc0943f1878812022-12-02 01:55:22kitingk
632022-12-13 18:42:53Speedos may have been designed for swim racing, but they really aren't going to provide the kind of coverage needed to participate in more active sports like surf kiting, boogie boarding and other strenuous water activities.274a152077622f6bd9261be346fd19391878812022-12-02 01:55:22kitingk
642022-12-13 18:43:09The furniture is somewhat a little kitsch but everything is clean and you feel like you're in a little palace.35c7a51b7e12240deb6c4cb2e5f6925b1878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
652022-12-13 18:43:09Later artists parodied the excesses, producing religious kitsch loathsome to the austere Protestant ethic.27183310a72992a64af2d15ed18e96001878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
662022-12-13 18:43:09I'm not jealous of something I find looks kitsch, gimme a break!84cb4404f55d780b5cd0be1b8d15ee6c1878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
672022-12-13 18:43:09The other songs were selected by Barry and show various facets of typical 60s kitsch.e767c4e3b1ed72a9a81d113f12c10c851878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
682022-12-13 18:43:09Antique, vintage, retro, kitsch, shabby chic, kitsch and collectible china, pottery and porcelain decorative pieces.e9643f7f69e37461fbedb962297ae0c31878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
692022-12-13 18:43:09It must then that the seeds of his commercial kitsch were sown.6c272b2e431205f2b2d598d2a4f9f66d1878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
702022-12-13 18:43:09Its famous markets attract thousands of locals and tourists and sell everything from new and second-hand clothes, to 70s music and 50s kitsch.1d072e335a03b94d1347f3c926a5d2a91878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
712022-12-13 18:43:09For the public it wanted heroic figures which perpetuated racist myths or sickly sentimental kitsch.471e7859b8824dd0607feb1eeb20f9a01878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
722022-12-13 18:43:09Anything that's a bit offbeat, a bit kitsch, a bit interesting, a bit bizarre.9ca10d1b780e7132ff441ecd5b57abe51878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
732022-12-13 18:43:09The Temple Bar pub, while unashamedly promoting tourist kitsch, has the best beer garden in the city and excellent irish musicians.a6fa7a0cf356d0171e1e784091624c7c1878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
742022-12-13 18:43:09Kitsch love motels Posted by ColvilleAndersen 5 November 2005 It's a sexy town, Buenos Aires.9d3015c97a7d8df11b146af239e4944a1878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
752022-12-13 18:43:09This wonderfully kitsch wash bag has a pleated soft vinyl body, decorated with tiny pink flowers and white opaque vinyl ruffle edging.c4f859bb1a50e3ce97a6335a695d77341878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
762022-12-13 18:43:09Playful Welsh scamps Ether stomp immediately onto the part of the dancefloor labeled kitsch 70s throwbacks and start to do the funky gibbon.30bd9ec98fae932ea6e8061f0ccdb9581878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
772022-12-13 18:43:09Loungers, chairs, futons, and even pink lawn flamingos have become so popular that they'll likely look more "kitsch" than they will retro.a55c2ea97f173171787579ca1e87fdd41878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
782022-12-13 18:43:09Are those decorative plates over the door a nice touch or a bit of kitsch you really don't need?c434833557b9e911b48ede6ff85e70b11878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
792022-12-13 18:43:09Second, they can provide a little whimsy and kitsch when life gets too serious.242b6c7b2933b98d0226b81e29919fc11878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
802022-12-13 18:43:09By the 1980s, the image of the pink flamingo became a method used in the fashion world to represent outrageous and borderline kitsch styles.4c7a87764169e3fcbc7755368d9ca2b51878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
812022-12-13 18:43:09If you thought in the past that straw handbags were too kitsch for your taste, take a second look at this bag.72b98a4c222ab182089999660a60fef61878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
822022-12-13 18:43:09If you want to go with a more kitsch look you may want to look for inflatable Tiki poles or inflatable palm trees.ceb1bc1dbc602e78ec4733db7823afc51878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
832022-12-13 18:43:09These fairies and elves of Victorian Kitsch are often winged; the ancient model was often simply human formed, although in some accounts, even the standard fairies and elves were winged.6edf52675db06c336ecf7c58c24277441878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
842022-12-13 18:43:09Dedicated to all things decadent and indulgent, think burlesque, kitsch and sexy boudoir all rolled into one.9c542b7c3c18c4d7e6b69f65820a94741878902022-12-02 02:00:42kitschk
852022-12-13 18:43:17It puts through 9-12 tons of ore in twenty-four hours, reducing the percentage of sulphur to 2-4%, and requires four to six men and about 2 tons of coal.be6213393c4434d4044e4e8ce68df9982962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
862022-12-13 18:43:17One man serves 2-4 retorts.280475e904bd6272cc23b8ded32c5d192962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
872022-12-13 18:43:17For the purpose of the manufacturer of this salt these are assorted into a raw material containing approximately, in Ioo parts, 55-65 of carnallite (representing 16 parts of potassium chloride), 20-25 of common salt, 15-20 of kieserite; 2-4 of tachhydrite05fdbd2279d0eca9359c5871e6e7b5982962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
882022-12-13 18:43:17They were partly (2-4) translated into Latin by Felicianus in 1541, and have frequently been republished, but their authenticity has been disputed.1a7ecb889653f692c5b75e4b5791e3532962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
892022-12-13 18:43:17The chief event of the year 1899 was the great strike of 40,000 artisans, which cost Denmark 50,000,000 crowns, and brought about a reconstruction of the cabinet in order to bring in, as minister of the interior, Ludwig Ernest Bramsen, the great specialiscc5bc547d1f4d3352632f440f93c4b842962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
902022-12-13 18:43:17Marc. 2-4) removed what he judged to be some interpolations, but van Manen's attempt to prove that Marcion's text is more original than the canonical (Theolog.6b66a21ec7a2f04cf32d61f063818ce02962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
912022-12-13 18:43:17For the extraction of codeine, the Persian opium is preferred when Turkey opium is dear, as it contains on the average 22% of that alkaloid, whilst Turkey opium yields only 2-4%.c0a66019ffb6d409087d8196e113b8ea2962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
922022-12-13 18:43:17It was all desperately close, and 2-4 more imps in any one of 5 matches would have been enough to qualify.4541f0eea28ce5b5d5c059ffccf0cd362962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
932022-12-13 18:43:17In Europe research accounts for between 2-4% of GDP, a figure large enough to warrant government policy initiatives.db2aef41de223b51a4cf738bb81f99292962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
942022-12-13 18:43:17Char Grilled Rump of Herb Fed Beef (serves 2-4) With char grilled vegetables, new potatoes and red onion marmalade thyme jus.2d62932b17d7bef156b99051cf7801ec2962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
952022-12-13 18:43:17They were all 2-4 years old, mere juveniles.9ff07dbf2b333a6a6bb37ce2224c3e592962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
962022-12-13 18:43:17Subsequent dosage should be adjusted according to the thrombin time which should be prolonged by 2-4 times compared to normal.73339c01d6c3b475905c3cf025ba967c2962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
972022-12-13 18:43:17Tuberculin reactors (Heaf grades 2-4), should be referred for clinical examination and CXR.3a17351d31240b4985140cf3820c2ed02962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
982022-12-13 18:43:17For guests who live nearby, invitations should be sent 2-4 weeks before the shower date to allow adequate time for guests to make their plans and find the perfect gift.8e12e6610b0f610de0e9137276e63f022962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
992022-12-13 18:43:17It's also certainly the cheapest option, costing $2-4 at most stores.8f444b7feb47d3e1805edb4f68b04a292962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#
1002022-12-13 18:43:17Past guest cruises are typically arranged 2-4 times per year, usually in off-season months.7a321ad2efeb7a32b63a18a89e94edc42962022-11-09 01:53:142-4#

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