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69,240 Flower Shops across 27,185 Cities in US

Phone numbers, addresses and zip codes of 69,240 florist shops in the United States

database structure screenshot of 69,240 Flower Shops across 27,185 Cities in US

Description: In this flower shop database, there are 69,240 florist shops in 27,185 cities over 51 states of the United States. Each record consists of city, phone number, address, zip code and description. What's more, there are 69,208 unique phone numbers in table flower.

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Database Statistics

  • Size: 109.70 MB
  • Tables: 4
  • Records: 69,240
  • Formats: MySQL, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, XML (See Downloads for sure.)

Database Categories

Database Structure

Table Records Fields
flower 69,240
  1. id
  2. city_id
  3. title
  4. zip_code
  5. phone
  6. address
  7. description
city 27,185
  1. id
  2. state_id
  3. title
  4. count
  5. slug
city_to_flower 2,421,736
  1. id
  2. city_id
  3. flower_id
state 51
  1. id
  2. title
  3. count
  4. abbreviation
  5. slug

Content Scope

Below are the categories / subjects / topics this database contains record entries about and the number of entries under each of them:


  • Alabama Bakery
  • Alaska Bakery
  • Arizona Bakery
  • Arkansas Bakery
  • California Bakery
  • Colorado Bakery
  • Connecticut Bakery
  • DC Bakery
  • Delaware Bakery
  • Florida Bakery
  • Georgia Bakery
  • Hawaii Bakery
  • Idaho Bakery
  • Illinois Bakery
  • Indiana Bakery
  • Iowa Bakery
  • Kansas Bakery
  • Kentucky Bakery
  • Louisiana Bakery
  • Maine Bakery
  • Maryland Bakery
  • Massachusetts Bakery
  • Michigan Bakery
  • Minnesota Bakery
  • Mississippi Bakery
  • Missouri Bakery
  • Montana Bakery
  • Nebraska Bakery
  • Nevada Bakery
  • New Hampshire Bakery
  • New Jersey Bakery
  • New Mexico Bakery
  • New York Bakery
  • North Carolina Bakery
  • North Dakota Bakery
  • Ohio Bakery
  • Oklahoma Bakery
  • Oregon Bakery
  • Pennsylvania Bakery
  • Rhode Island Bakery
  • South Carolina Bakery
  • South Dakota Bakery
  • Tennessee Bakery
  • Texas Bakery
  • Utah Bakery
  • Vermont Bakery
  • Virginia Bakery
  • Washington Bakery
  • West Virginia Bakery
  • Wisconsin Bakery
  • Wyoming Bakery



  • There are 308 records that have a populated description field and 69,221 records with a non-empty zip code field in table flower.

Lifetime Updates (fees may apply)

This database is being constantly updated with regards to both data volume and data structure, once every 0.5 - 5 years depending on niche, and you will be notified via our Blog or Twitter when new versions come out.

Other Formats upon Request

We include the most common, popular and usable formats readily accessible on the download page, but should you need the database in other formats such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • ODBC
  • Interbase / Firebird
  • WordPress
  • Single Table (multiple tables are combined into one)
  • Microsoft Word .DOC
  • PDF

Let us know and we'll see what we can do. Additional fees may apply.

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