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155,640 Churches of 27 Denominations in US

Email, website URL and phone number of 155,640 churches across 49 states of United States



Listed below are the first 10 - 100 (or more) records of each of the 4 tables.

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id city_id denomination_id title address phone fax web_site average_attendance driving_direction major_cross_street email_contact local_ministry
112Anniston Foursquare Gospel Church305 Embry St  Anniston, AL(256) 235-1959
213Apostolic Faith Church709 S Christine Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-8505
313Apostolic Lighthouse508 Booker St  Talladega, AL(256) 761-1991
413New Day Apostolic Church1315 W 17th St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-3561
514Covenant Lutheran Church406 Pelham Rd N  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-8678
614Grace Lutheran Church1301 W 15th St  Anniston, AL(256) 238-1441
714Trinity Lutheran Church1026 Quintard Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-4941
815Beth El Assembly Of God105 County Road 122  Heflin, AL(256) 463-4673
915Calvary Temple Assembly Of God1530 Greenbrier Dear Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 831-4550www.calvarytemple.cc150general: [email protected] administrator: [email protected]Childrens Ministry, Contemporay Worship, Jr. High Group, Mid-Week Study, Ministry Opportunities, Missionettes, Nursery, Royal Rangers
1015Family Assembly Of God18 Lowe Dr  Ragland, AL(205) 472-2389
1115Good News Assembly Of God1319 Alexandria Jacksonvle Hwy  Alexandria, AL(256) 820-8887
1215New Life Assembly Of God4511 Cogswell Ave  Pell City, AL(205) 338-2827www.newlifeagpc.net200Take I-20 West from Anniston to the Riverside / Pell City Turn left, go approx. 3 miles on right just after railroad tracks, and Charlie's country Catfish.general: [email protected] administrator: [email protected]Childrens Ministry, Contemporay Worship, College Group, Family Ministry, Highschool Group, Jr. High Group, Marriage Ministry, Ministry Opportunities, Missionettes, Nursery, Royal Rangers, Senior Ministry
1315Parkway Assembly Of God700 W Parkway Ave  Talladega, AL(256) 362-8078
1415United Christian Assembly God1703 Martin Luther King Dr  Anniston, AL(256) 831-8888
1517Alexandria Baptist Church Parsonage157 Stadium Dr  Alexandria, AL(256) 820-5440
1617Alpine Baptist Church2981 Alpine Winterboro Rd  Alpine, AL(256) 268-0511
1717Angel Grove Baptist Church4404 Al Highway 204  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-3636
1817Antioch Baptist Church9821 Al Highway 202  Eastaboga, AL(256) 236-3221
1917Antioch Baptist Church820 Woodland Ave W  Wedowee, AL(256) 357-2451
2017Arbor Baptist Church802 Comer Ave  Pell City, AL(205) 338-7046
2117Baptist Campus Ministry801 Pelham Rd N  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-7020
2217Baptist Service Center Nw259 Halls Chapel Rd  Alexandria, AL(256) 847-3525
2317Barfield Baptist Church34 E Mill Rd  Lineville, AL(256) 396-5316
2417Belview Baptist Church60 Bellview St  Talladega, AL(256) 362-8300
2517Bemiston Baptist ChurchPo Box 1126  Talladega, AL(256) 362-2859
2617Bethal Baptist Church1054 Feddisburg Rd  Alpine, AL(256) 268-9705
2717Bethany Baptist Church1590 Iron City Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 237-2010
2817Bethel Baptist Church1658 Lehman Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-6586
2917Bethel Baptist Church Of Alexandria800 Brutonville Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 820-6329
3017Blue Mountain Baptist Church15 Blue Mountain Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-6902
3117Boiling Springs Baptist Church6510 Boiling Springs Rd  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-0208
3217Bonny Brook Baptist Church2303 Pelham Rd S  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-0056
3317Bynum Baptist Church141 Harry Ayers Dr  Eastaboga, AL(256) 237-3119
3417Calvary Baptist Church124 Choccolocco Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 831-0231
3517Calvary Bible Baptist Church5328 Glade Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 820-1935
3617Canaan Baptist Church3808 County Road 11  Heflin, AL(256) 253-2760
3717Carey & Clay County Baptist Center60084 Highway 49  Lineville, AL(256) 396-2461
3817Chandler Springs Baptist Church420 Chandler Springs Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 362-7985
3917Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church119 Court Sq N  Talladega, AL(256) 315-2772
4017Chulafinnee Baptist Church6961 Highway 431  Heflin, AL(256) 253-9077
4117Cragdale Baptist ChurchPo Box 156  Talladega, AL(256) 315-0061
4217Dry Valley Bapt Church1603 Dry Valley Rd  Lincoln, AL(205) 763-2800
4317Eastaboga Baptist Church72 Church Ln  Eastaboga, AL(256) 831-6449
4417East Heflin Baptist Church189 Evans Bridge Rd  Heflin, AL(256) 463-5650
4517Ebenezer Baptist Church125 3rd Ave  Ragland, AL(205) 472-3283
4617Eden West Side Baptist Church223 Wolf Creek Rd N  Pell City, AL(205) 338-7711
4717Elyton Missionary Baptist Church7031 County Road 63  Plantersville, AL(334) 875-7845
4817Emmanual Baptist Church1400 Mcdaniel Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 240-2920
4917Emmanuel Baptist Church2112 W C St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-3441
5017Eulaton First Baptist Church1835 Gate 8 Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5489
5117Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church395 Starlight Ln  Talladega, AL(256) 315-9733
5217Fairview Baptist Church803 N Ledbetter St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-0170
5317Fairview Heights Northside Baptist Church431n Church St N  Anniston, AL(256) 237-1990
5417Faith Baptist Church417 Degaris Dr  Pell City, AL(205) 338-2655
5517Faith Baptist Church3041 County Road 64  Plantersville, AL(334) 366-4007
5617Grace Memorial Baptist Church1525 Allen St  Talladega, AL(256) 315-0300
5717Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church4507 Whites Gap Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-1859
5817Greater Calvary Baptist Church1600 Constantine Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 831-1181
5917Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church2064 Grayton Rd  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-3021
6017Greenbrier Road Baptist Church1235 Greenbrier Dear Road  Anniston, AL256-831-8854www.grbc.org110general: [email protected] administrator: [email protected]Nursery
6117Greensport Baptist Church9305 Shoal Creek Rd  Ashville, AL(205) 594-5610
6217Gum Springs Baptist Church33 Slasham Rd  Ashville, AL(205) 594-5722
6317Hallgrove Baptist Church488 Hall Grove Rd  Munford, AL(256) 358-0075
6417Happy Hill Baptist Church5997 Highway 46  Heflin, AL(256) 463-7600
6517Hatcher Avenue Baptist Church1311 Hatcher Ave Se  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-1947
6617Hebron Baptist Church4522 Peeks Hill Rd  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-0644
6717Heflin Baptist Church155 Almon St  Heflin, AL(256) 463-2576
6817Hepzibah Baptist Church5329 Renfroe Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 268-2200
6917Heritage Baptist Church19356 Us Highway 231  Pell City, AL(205) 338-4874
7017Hill Crest Baptist Church5117 Post Oak Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 236-1464
7117Immanuel Baptist Church66471 Al Highway 77  Talladega, AL(256) 362-8025
7217Jenifer Baptist Church1385 Granttown Rd  Munford, AL(256) 358-4300
7317Kelly Springs Baptist Church351 Curry Station Rd  Munford, AL(256) 761-1838
7417Kingston Baptist Church2322 Grist Mill Rd  Alpine, AL(256) 362-0435
7517Leatherwood Baptist Church2709 Old Gadsden Hwy  Anniston, AL(256) 236-1215
7617Light House Baptist Church2166 Pinedale Rd  Ashville, AL(205) 594-5100
7717Lincoln Baptist Church21 Chestnut St  Lincoln, AL(205) 763-7351
7817Lister Memorial Baptist Church18617 Al Highway 174  Pell City, AL(205) 338-7926
7917Luckie John Parsonage2807 Pleasant Hill Rd  Ashland, AL(256) 354-7842
8017Macedonia Baptist Church123 County Road 927  Heflin, AL(256) 253-2173
8117Macedonia Baptist Church1521 Abel Rd  Delta, AL(256) 488-9081
8217Macedonia Baptist Church2604 Church St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-6082
8317Macedonia Baptist Church Computer Line126 Woodcrest Dr  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3103
8417Maranatha Missionary Baptist Church1379 Oxford St  Heflin, AL(256) 463-2159
8517Mars Hill Baptist Church1508 W 6th St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-4421
8617Mineral Springs Baptist Church2295 Mineral Springs Rd  Pell City, AL(205) 338-0692
8717Mount Liberty Baptist Church851 Morrisville Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3083
8817Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church743 Diamond Ln  Talladega, AL(256) 362-9080
8917Mount Olive Baptist Church101 S Christine Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-9821
9017Mount Olive Baptist Church21 Mount Olive Cir  Talladega, AL(256) 362-0953
9117Mount Olive Baptist Church30 Sawmill Rd  Alpine, AL(256) 208-0371
9217Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church5172 Allison Mill Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 362-0134
9317Mount Sinai Baptist Church2125 Peaceburg Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 820-8686
9417Mt Calvary Baptist Church Church1600 Dooley Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-2773
9517Mt Cleveland Baptist Church41 Cleveland Ln  Talladega, AL(256) 362-4743
9617Mt Gilead Baptist Church1787 Mount Gilead Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-2940
9717Mt Moriah Baptist Church1425 Mount Moriah Rd  Pell City, AL(205) 338-7516
9817Mt Olive Baptist Church73 Church St  Heflin, AL(256) 463-5459
9917Mt Pleasant Baptist Church50 Boss Wilkins Dr  Pell City, AL(205) 338-4418
10017Mt Sinai Baptist Church2586 Feddisburg Rd  Alpine, AL(256) 268-0792
10117Nances Creek Baptist Church3670 Hollingsworth Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-1411
10217New Bethel Baptist Church833 Mahaffey Rd  Eastaboga, AL(256) 835-0100
10317New Canaan Baptist Church405 Rice Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 231-0051
10417New Haven Baptist Church100 New Haven Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 237-2604
10517New Hope Baptist Church391 Blacks Chapel Rd  Delta, AL(256) 396-2548
10617New Hope Baptist Church706 Church St  Anniston, AL(256) 831-2652
10717New Hope Baptist Church75 Cogswell Ave  Pell City, AL(205) 338-2645
10817New Prospect Baptist ChurchPo Box 119  Weaver, AL(256) 238-0088
10917New Zion Baptist Church217 Jefferson St  Heflin, AL(256) 463-1099
11017Noble Street Baptist Church1923 Noble St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3415
11117Northside Baptist Church950 17th St S  Talladega, AL(256) 362-2367
11217Oak Bowery Baptist Church265 Middleton Rd S  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-3711
11317Oakridge Baptist Church3224 Oakridge Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-2756
11417Oak Ridge Baptist Church929 Bradford St  Anniston, AL(256) 831-4120
11517Oconee Baptist Church331 E H St  Anniston, AL(256) 238-8951
11617Parker Memorial Baptist Church Office Day Care1205 Quintard Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5628
11717Parsonage Computer Line2600 Wellington Rd  Wellington, AL(256) 435-0910
11817Peace Baptist Church501 Lokey St  Talladega, AL(256) 362-4207
11917Peace & Goodwill Baptist Church1714 Mulberry Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-7740
12017Pelham Baptist Church50 Cave Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 820-4910
12117Pilgrim Baptist Church227 E B St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-0141
12217Pilgrim Restaurant Baptist Church444 County Road 347  Plantersville, AL(334) 366-5975
12317Plantersville Grove Baptist Church480 Pecan Rd  Plantersville, AL(334) 366-2006
12417Pleasant Grove Baptist Church1821 Stemley Bridge Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 362-5890
12517Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church8794 Choccolocco Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 231-2740
12617Pleasant Valley Baptist Church2959 Pleasant Valley Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-4968
12717Rushing Springs Missionary Baptist Church9796 Stemley Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 268-9347
12817Salem Missionary Baptist Church1644 Airport Rd  Eastaboga, AL(256) 831-3880
12917Seventeenth Street Baptist Church80 W 17th St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-1061
13017Shady Grove Baptist Church801 Jenifer Rd  Munford, AL(256) 358-0016
13117Shiloh Baptist Church1540 Al Highway 204  Wellington, AL(256) 892-0940
13217Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church1233 Silver Run Rd  Munford, AL(256) 835-1449
13317Shocco Springs Bapt Assembly Religs Orgmain Office1314 Shocco Springs Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 761-1100
13417Smount Olive Baptist Church2963 Boiling Springs Rd  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-1111
13517Southside Baptist Church400 Christian St  Talladega, AL(256) 362-5801
13617Southside Baptist Church1101 Cherry St  Talladega, AL(256) 362-7390
13717Springhill Baptist Church264 Oak Grove Rd  Lineville, AL(256) 396-2293
13817Springhill Baptist Church8171 Al Highway 202  Eastaboga, AL(256) 236-5017
13917St Campbell Baptist ChurchPo Box 236  Alpine, AL(256) 268-0713
14017St Claire Baptist Missionary Home47 3rd Ave  Ashville, AL(205) 594-4017
14117Stemley Baptist Church399 Rock Church Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 268-9751
14217St Mary Missionary Baptist Church2389 Saint Mary Rd  Lincoln, AL(205) 763-3041
14317Stockdale Baptist Church921 Blacksnake Rd  Munford, AL(256) 362-5040
14417Sunlight Baptist Church363 Sunlight Ln  Eastaboga, AL(256) 831-6336
14517Sunny Eve Baptist Church780 Buckelew Bridge Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 835-4664
14617Sweet Home Baptist Church655 Silver Run Rd  Munford, AL(256) 835-1612
14717Sycamore Baptist Church71529 Al Highway 77  Talladega, AL(256) 362-8618
14817Ten Island Baptist Church9150 Al Highway 77  Ohatchee, AL(256) 892-4645
14917Thankful Baptist Church3025 W 14th St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-2755
15017Twenty Second Street Baptist Church401 E 22nd St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-1692
15117Union Springs Baptist Church415 Turner Rd  Munford, AL(256) 362-7153
15217United Fellowship Baptist Church161 Becky Turner Rd  Alexandria, AL(256) 820-9082
15317Wayside Baptist Church3609 Old Birmingham Hwy  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5284
15417Websters Chapel Baptist Church3091 New Liberty Rd  Wellington, AL(256) 492-9208
15517Wellington First Baptist Church826 Wellington Rd  Wellington, AL(256) 892-0302
15617West Anniston Baptist Church901 Carter St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-4835
15717West Park Heights Baptist500 West Park Drive  Anniston, AL256-236-7966256-236-7966100general: [email protected] administrator: [email protected]Adult Education, Childrens Ministry, Family Ministry, Highschool Group, Jr. High Group, Marriage Ministry, Mid-Week Study, Ministry Opportunities, Nursery, Senior Ministry, Small Group Fellowship, Singles Ministry
15817West Point Baptist Church6835 Al Highway 204  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-9380
15917West Side Baptist Church713 Mountain St Ne  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-6111
16017Westview Missionary Baptist Church101 Eden Hills Dr  Anniston, AL(256) 236-1190
16117Westwood Baptist Church41 State Farm Rd  Alexandria, AL(256) 820-2211
16217White Plains Baptist Church160 White Plains Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 237-7849
16317Williams First Baptist Church5579 Nisbet Lake Rd  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-5020
16417Woodland Park Baptist Church1021 S Quintard Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3030
16519Anniston Bible Church3230 Coleman Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3072
16619Back To The Bible Holliness Church1824 Moore Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-1604
16719Bible Missionary Church26 Comer Ave  Pell City, AL(205) 884-2070
16819Christian Fellowship Bible Church600 Mulberry Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 237-4274
169110Anniston District Office Of The United Methodist Church1302 Noble St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-8303
170110Ava United Methodist Church345 County Road 140  Wedowee, AL(256) 357-4443
171110Bemiston United Methodist Church300 Wells Ave  Talladega, AL(256) 362-9070
172110Bethel United Methodist Church1101 Stemley Bridge Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 362-2315
173110Bible Methodist Church2500 7th Ave N  Pell City, AL(205) 338-7118
174110Bible Methodist Church5131 Glade Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 237-0809
175110C A L M E D Incorporated1005 Noble St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-2435
176110Concord United Methodist Church85 Concord Church Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 268-0631
177110Eden United Methodist Church412 1st Ave N  Pell City, AL(205) 338-9517
178110Edgewood Congregational Methodist Church2700 Brighton Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-2577
179110Eulaton United Methodist Church401 Westover Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 236-3043
180110Eulaton United Methodist Church Parsonage115 Norma Ct  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5118
181110Eureka United Methodist319 Eureka Rd  Lincoln, AL(205) 763-2021
182110First United Methodist Church109 Gayle Ave Sw  Jacksonville, AL(256) 435-6021
183110First United Methodist Church2200 3rd Ave N  Pell City, AL(205) 884-1530
184110First United Methodist Church Anniston Day Care1400 Noble St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5605
185110First United Methodist Church Ashland425 2nd Ave N  Ashland, AL(256) 354-2268
186110First United Methodist Church At Saks334 W Glade Rd  Anniston, AL(256) 237-2922
187110First United Methodist Church Heflin401 Evans St  Heflin, AL(256) 463-5583
188110Gaines Chapel Ame Church404 A St  Anniston, AL(256) 236-1110
189110Harkeys Chapel United Methodist Church1310 Al Highway 144  Ragland, AL(205) 338-4291
190110Haven United Methodist Church114 W 17th St  Anniston, AL(256) 237-0943
191110Jacobs Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopalchurch308 Martin Luther King Dr N  Talladega, AL(256) 362-6850
192110Lincoln United Methodist Church40 2nd Ave  Lincoln, AL(205) 763-7447
193110Mccoy United Methodist Church Parsonage2600 Brighton Ave  Anniston, AL(256) 236-5141
194110Purcell Clare United Methodist Church1110 Nimitz Ave  Talladega, AL(256) 362-1988
195110Ragland Methodist Church61 Church Cir  Ragland, AL(205) 472-2401
196110Rising Star United Methodist Church222 Church St  Anniston, AL(256) 835-1272
197110St John United Methodist Church329 E D St  Anniston, AL(256) 235-2224
198110St Paul United Methodist Church279 10th St  Ashville, AL(205) 594-3452
199110Talladega Bible Methodist Church120 Brecon Access Rd  Talladega, AL(256) 362-8446
200110Trinity United Methodist Church400 East St N  Talladega, AL(256) 362-4301
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city top

id state_id title count slug
11Anniston, AL312alabama-anniston
21Auburn, AL270alabama-auburn
31Birmingham, AL1106alabama-birmingham
41Decatur, AL288alabama-decatur
51Dothan, AL234alabama-dothan
61Florence, AL257alabama-florence
71Gadsden, AL398alabama-gadsden
81Huntsville, AL346alabama-huntsville
91Mobile, AL524alabama-mobile
101Montgomery, AL526alabama-montgomery
111Tuscaloosa, AL235alabama-tuscaloosa
121Rural, AL1142alabama-rural
132Honolulu, HI264hawaii-honolulu
142Rural, HI115hawaii-rural
153Barnstable, MA89massachusetts-barnstable
163Boston, MA775massachusetts-boston
173Pittsfield, MA56massachusetts-pittsfield
183Springfield, MA263massachusetts-springfield
193Rural, MA275massachusetts-rural
204Albuquerque, NM198new_mexico-albuquerque
214Las Cruces, NM58new_mexico-las_cruces
224Santa Fe, NM53new_mexico-santa_fe
234Rural, NM456new_mexico-rural
245Rapid City, SD77south_dakota-rapid_city
255Sioux Falls, SD151south_dakota-sioux_falls
265Rural, SD585south_dakota-rural
276Anchorage, AK159alaska-anchorage
286Rural, AK227alaska-rural
297Boise, ID202idaho-boise
307Pocatello, ID31idaho-pocatello
317Rural, ID325idaho-rural
328Benton Harbor, MI203michigan-benton_harbor
338Detroit, MI1720michigan-detroit
348Grand Rapids, MI726michigan-grand_rapids
358Jackson, MI313michigan-jackson
368Kalamazoo, MI391michigan-kalamazoo
378Lansing, MI292michigan-lansing
388Saginaw, MI480michigan-saginaw
398Rural, MI2117michigan-rural
409Albany, NY302new_york-albany
419Binghamton, NY175new_york-binghamton
429Buffalo, NY577new_york-buffalo
439Elmira, NY154new_york-elmira
449Glens Falls, NY78new_york-glens_falls
459Jamestown, NY148new_york-jamestown
469Long Island, NY1060new_york-long_island
479New York, NY1041new_york-new_york
489Rochester, NY444new_york-rochester
499Syracuse, NY370new_york-syracuse
509Utica, NY172new_york-utica
519Rural, NY1339new_york-rural
5210Johnson City, TN632tennessee-johnson_city
5310Chattanooga, TN784tennessee-chattanooga
5410Clarksville, TN239tennessee-clarksville
5510Jackson, TN360tennessee-jackson
5610Knoxville, TN914tennessee-knoxville
5710Memphis, TN1179tennessee-memphis
5810Nashville, TN1017tennessee-nashville
5910Rural, TN1855tennessee-rural
6011Phoenix, AZ1015arizona-phoenix
6111Flagstaff, AZ58arizona-flagstaff
6211Tucson, AZ296arizona-tucson
6311Yuma, AZ60arizona-yuma
6411Rural, AZ434arizona-rural
6512Bloomington, IL159illinois-bloomington
6612Champaign, IL189illinois-champaign
6712Chicago, IL2368illinois-chicago
6812Decatur, IL174illinois-decatur
6912Peoria, IL364illinois-peoria
7012Rockford, IL330illinois-rockford
7112Springfield, IL205illinois-springfield
7212Rural, IL2483illinois-rural
7313Duluth, MN159minnesota-duluth
7413Minneapolis, MN884minnesota-minneapolis
7513Rochester, MN190minnesota-rochester
7613St. Cloud, MN100minnesota-st_cloud
7713Rural, MN1441minnesota-rural
7814Jacksonville, NC275north_carolina-jacksonville
7914Asheville, NC497north_carolina-asheville
8014Charlotte, NC1292north_carolina-charlotte
8114Fayetteville, NC689north_carolina-fayetteville
8214Goldsboro, NC396north_carolina-goldsboro
8414Greenville, NC308north_carolina-greenville
8514Hickory, NC896north_carolina-hickory
8614Raleigh, NC1047north_carolina-raleigh
8714Rocky Mount, NC273north_carolina-rocky_mount
8814Wilmington, NC317north_carolina-wilmington
8914Rural, NC1617north_carolina-rural
9015Corpus Christi, TX217texas-corpus_christi
9115El Paso, TX187texas-el_paso
9215Fort Worth, TX1028texas-fort_worth
9315San Angelo, TX82texas-san_angelo
9415San Antonio, TX539texas-san_antonio
9515Wichita Falls, TX166texas-wichita_falls
9615Dallas, TX1458texas-dallas
9715Abilene, TX258texas-abilene
9815Amarillo, TX210texas-amarillo
9915Austin, TX550texas-austin
10015Beaumont, TX459texas-beaumont
10115Brownsville, TX79texas-brownsville
10215Bryan, TX166texas-bryan
10315Houston, TX1719texas-houston
10415Killeen, TX260texas-killeen
10515Laredo, TX38texas-laredo
10615Longview, TX299texas-longview
10715Lubbock, TX215texas-lubbock
10815McAllen, TX88texas-mcallen
10915Odessa, TX173texas-odessa
11015Sherman, TX252texas-sherman
11115Texarkana, TX271texas-texarkana
11215Tyler, TX374texas-tyler
11315Victoria, TX139texas-victoria
11415Waco, TX222texas-waco
11515Rural, TX2794texas-rural
11616Fayetteville, AR260arkansas-fayetteville
11716Fort Smith, AR217arkansas-fort_smith
11816Jonesboro, AR210arkansas-jonesboro
11916Little Rock, AR590arkansas-little_rock
12016Pine Bluff, AR222arkansas-pine_bluff
12116Rural, AR1301arkansas-rural
12217Bloomington, IN328indiana-bloomington
12317Elkhart, IN283indiana-elkhart
12417Evansville, IN310indiana-evansville
12517Fort Wayne, IN488indiana-fort_wayne
12617Indianapolis, IN1058indiana-indianapolis
12717Kokomo, IN307indiana-kokomo
12817Lafayette, IN195indiana-lafayette
12917Muncie, IN573indiana-muncie
13017South Bend, IN323indiana-south_bend
13117Terre Haute, IN241indiana-terre_haute
13217Rural, IN1030indiana-rural
13318Biloxi, MS285mississippi-biloxi
13418Hattiesburg, MS275mississippi-hattiesburg
13518Jackson, MS539mississippi-jackson
13618Rural, MS1521mississippi-rural
13719Bismarck, ND80north_dakota-bismarck
13819Fargo, ND161north_dakota-fargo
13919Grand Forks, ND94north_dakota-grand_forks
14019Rural, ND632north_dakota-rural
14120Salt Lake City, UT165utah-salt_lake_city
14220Provo, UT25utah-provo
14320Rural, UT105utah-rural
14421Orange County, CA1047california-orange_county
14521San Diego, CA695california-san_diego
14621Sacramento, CA526california-sacramento
14721Los Angeles, CA1875california-los_angeles
14821Bay Area, CA1377california-bay_area
14921Bakersfield, CA216california-bakersfield
15021Chico, CA97california-chico
15121Fresno, CA321california-fresno
15221Merced, CA139california-merced
15321Modesto, CA197california-modesto
15421Redding, CA98california-redding
15521Riverside, CA204california-riverside
15621Salinas, CA148california-salinas
15721San Luis Obispo, CA131california-san_luis_obispo
15821Santa Barbara, CA72california-santa_barbara
15921Stockton, CA259california-stockton
16021Visalia, CA290california-visalia
16121Yuba City, CA100california-yuba_city
16221Rural, CA2257california-rural
16322Cedar Rapids, IA109iowa-cedar_rapids
16422Davenport, IA267iowa-davenport
16522Des Moines, IA209iowa-des_moines
16622Dubuque, IA115iowa-dubuque
16722Iowa City, IA39iowa-iowa_city
16822Sioux City, IA108iowa-sioux_city
16922Waterloo, IA99iowa-waterloo
17022Rural, IA265iowa-rural
17123Columbia, MO293missouri-columbia
17223Joplin, MO211missouri-joplin
17323Kansas City, MO1088missouri-kansas_city
17423Springfield, MO388missouri-springfield
17523St. Joseph, MO66missouri-st_joseph
17623St. Louis, MO735missouri-st_louis
17723Rural, MO1852missouri-rural
17824Canton, OH722ohio-canton
17924Cincinnati, OH815ohio-cincinnati
18024Cleveland, OH1058ohio-cleveland
18124Columbus, OH813ohio-columbus
18224Dayton, OH789ohio-dayton
18324Lima, OH296ohio-lima
18424Mansfield, OH495ohio-mansfield
18524Steubenville, OH192ohio-steubenville
18624Toledo, OH537ohio-toledo
18724Youngstown, OH466ohio-youngstown
18824Rural, OH1360ohio-rural
18925Burlington, VT95vermont-burlington
19025Rural, VT145vermont-rural
19126Colorado Springs, CO309colorado-colorado_springs
19226Denver, CO918colorado-denver
19326Fort Collins, CO215colorado-fort_collins
19426Grand Junction, CO77colorado-grand_junction
19526Pueblo, CO87colorado-pueblo
19626Rural, CO478colorado-rural
19727Lawrence, KS100kansas-lawrence
19827Topeka, KS178kansas-topeka
19927Wichita, KS434kansas-wichita
20027Rural, KS1197kansas-rural
20128Billings, MT74montana-billings
20228Great Falls, MT43montana-great_falls
20328Missoula, MT50montana-missoula
20428Rural, MT305montana-rural
20529Oklahoma City, OK833oklahoma-oklahoma_city
20629Enid, OK91oklahoma-enid
20729Lawton, OK146oklahoma-lawton
20829Tulsa, OK554oklahoma-tulsa
20929Rural, OK1413oklahoma-rural
21030Charlottesville, VA97virginia-charlottesville
21130Danville, VA241virginia-danville
21230Lynchburg, VA167virginia-lynchburg
21330Norfolk, VA173virginia-norfolk
21430Richmond, VA372virginia-richmond
21530Roanoke, VA178virginia-roanoke
21630Rural, VA449virginia-rural
21731Hartford, CT393connecticut-hartford
21831New London, CT206connecticut-new_london
21931Rural, CT423connecticut-rural
22032Lexington, KY376kentucky-lexington
22132Louisville, KY785kentucky-louisville
22232Owensboro, KY159kentucky-owensboro
22332Rural, KY810kentucky-rural
22433Lincoln, NE224nebraska-lincoln
22533Omaha, NE431nebraska-omaha
22633Rural, NE1181nebraska-rural
22734Corvallis, OR274oregon-corvallis
22834Eugene, OR143oregon-eugene
22934Medford, OR130oregon-medford
23034Portland, OR882oregon-portland
23134Rural, OR658oregon-rural
23235Bellingham, WA229washington-bellingham
23335Richland, WA89washington-richland
23435Seattle, WA1240washington-seattle
23535Spokane, WA233washington-spokane
23635Yakima, WA100washington-yakima
23735Rural, WA739washington-rural
23836Dover, DE224delaware-dover
23936Rural, DE144delaware-rural
24037Alexandria, LA296louisiana-alexandria
24137Baton Rouge, LA652louisiana-baton_rouge
24237Houma, LA190louisiana-houma
24337Lafayette, LA276louisiana-lafayette
24437Lake Charles, LA228louisiana-lake_charles
24537Monroe, LA458louisiana-monroe
24637New Orleans, LA860louisiana-new_orleans
24737Shreveport, LA546louisiana-shreveport
24837Rural, LA1171louisiana-rural
24938Las Vegas, NV273nevada-las_vegas
25038Reno, NV139nevada-reno
25138Rural, NV99nevada-rural
25239State College, PA159pennsylvania-state_college
25339Allentown, PA584pennsylvania-allentown
25439Altoona, PA163pennsylvania-altoona
25539Erie, PA202pennsylvania-erie
25639Harrisburg, PA496pennsylvania-harrisburg
25739Johnstown, PA260pennsylvania-johnstown
25839Lancaster, PA433pennsylvania-lancaster
25939Philadelphia, PA2102pennsylvania-philadelphia
26039Pittsburgh, PA1169pennsylvania-pittsburgh
26139Reading, PA386pennsylvania-reading
26239Scranton, PA284pennsylvania-scranton
26339Sharon, PA250pennsylvania-sharon
26439Williamsport, PA150pennsylvania-williamsport
26539York, PA429pennsylvania-york
26639Rural, PA1082pennsylvania-rural
26741Daytona Beach, FL237florida-daytona_beach
26841Fort Lauderdale, FL621florida-fort_lauderdale
26941Fort Meyers, FL83florida-fort_meyers
27041Fort Pierce, FL242florida-fort_pierce
27141Fort Walton Beach, FL192florida-fort_walton_beach
27241Gainesville, FL274florida-gainesville
27341Jacksonville, FL856florida-jacksonville
27441Lakeland, FL544florida-lakeland
27541Melbourne, FL201florida-melbourne
27641Miami, FL658florida-miami
27741Naples, FL89florida-naples
27841Ocala, FL357florida-ocala
27941Orlando, FL772florida-orlando
28041Palm Beach, FL276florida-palm_beach
28141Panama City, FL215florida-panama_city
28241Pensacola, FL419florida-pensacola
28341Punta Gorda, FL94florida-punta_gorda
28441Sarasota, FL264florida-sarasota
28541Tallahassee, FL319florida-tallahassee
28641Tampa, FL826florida-tampa
28741Rural, FL1131florida-rural
28842Bangor, ME67maine-bangor
28942Lewiston, ME90maine-lewiston
29042Portland, ME114maine-portland
29142Rural, ME186maine-rural
29243Rural, NH409new_hampshire-rural
29344Providence, RI644rhode_island-providence
29444Rural, RI2rhode_island-rural
29545Eau Claire, WI128wisconsin-eau_claire
29645Green Bay, WI107wisconsin-green_bay
29745La Crosse, WI191wisconsin-la_crosse
29845Appleton, WI211wisconsin-appleton
29945Janesville, WI216wisconsin-janesville
30045Madison, WI260wisconsin-madison
30145Milwaukee, WI1044wisconsin-milwaukee
30245Sheboygan, WI191wisconsin-sheboygan
30345Wausau, WI173wisconsin-wausau
30445Rural, WI1251wisconsin-rural
30546Albany, GA189georgia-albany
30646Athens, GA342georgia-athens
30746Atlanta, GA1162georgia-atlanta
30846Augusta, GA516georgia-augusta
30946Columbus, GA272georgia-columbus
31046Macon, GA334georgia-macon
31146Savannah, GA341georgia-savannah
31246Rural, GA1955georgia-rural
31347Baltimore, MD1407maryland-baltimore
31447Cumberland, MD176maryland-cumberland
31547Rural, MD913maryland-rural
31648Newark, NJ1247new_jersey-newark
31748Rural, NJ564new_jersey-rural
31849Charleston, SC349south_carolina-charleston
31949Columbia, SC639south_carolina-columbia
32049Florence, SC426south_carolina-florence
32149Greenville, SC924south_carolina-greenville
32249Myrtle Beach, SC215south_carolina-myrtle_beach
32349Sumter, SC206south_carolina-sumter
32449Rural, SC1251south_carolina-rural
32550Casper, WY45wyoming-casper
32650Cheyenne, WY59wyoming-cheyenne
32750Rural, WY233wyoming-rural
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denomination top

id title count slug
1Anglican Churches124Anglican_churches
3Apostolic Churches2064Apostolic_churches
4Lutheran Churches11139Lutheran_churches
5Assembly of God4790Assembly_of_God_churches
6Mennonite Churches862Mennonite_churches
7Baptist Churches41452Baptist_churches
8Messianic Churches62Messianic_churches
9Bible Churches1887Bible_churches
10Methodist Churches18089Methodist_churches
11Brethren Churches115Brethren_churches
12Nazarene Churches2569Nazarene_churches
13Calvary Chapel638Calvary_Chapel_churches
15Catholic Churches9901Catholic_churches
16Orthodox Churches1048Orthodox_churches
17Christian Churches6967Christian_churches
19Church of Christ9466Church_of_Christ_churches
21Church of God10868Church_of_God_churches
22Reformed Churches392Reformed_churches
24Seventh Day Adventist2393Seventh_Day_Adventist_churches
25Episcopal Churches4258Episcopal_churches
26Vineyard Churches295Vineyard_churches
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state top

id title count slug
4New Mexico765new_mexico
5South Dakota813south_dakota
9New York5860new_york
14North Carolina7607north_carolina
19North Dakota967north_dakota
43New Hampshire409new_hampshire
44Rhode Island646rhode_island
48New Jersey1811new_jersey
49South Carolina4010south_carolina

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